love and miracles

April 17, 2015
Love is a miracle
Love is a miracle

Miracles are moments that change us. Simple moments like the exchange of a few heartfelt words, a surprise encounter with one you hope to see, or a choice to open to love, can be the catalyst for a miraculous life-changing and healing moment.

It is during these simply profound moments when divine light shines upon us AND we choose to let go of everything but the light, that we can open to the healing power of the unconditional love surrounding us.

And doubt not that divine light will change you. Many of you felt that change and saw it in others this past week during the Healing 101 Seminar, which was my privilege to teach. As you channeled light and healing, I was in awe of your courage to open to God and even more, that you were excited to be pushed further each day.

And all because you were willing to take a risk and follow me into the light. Were you nervous or a bit anxious? Perhaps, but as you channeled the light of God for each other, and allowed the healer within you to emerge.

Without realizing the profundity of that moment, many of you were changed forever by the experience of welcoming of God love to help another. Such a gift, such a moment, and how loving of you to share your open heart with  another. Thank you for taking care of each other.

As your teacher, I feel honored and blessed to know you. —Christel