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intuition & energy medicine

Events are interactive between you and your teacher. Healing your chakras, intuition training, energy medicine, archetypal transformation, enneagram secrets, channeling spirit, hands on healing techniques and more.



    Communicating with more than your words, authentic leadership, unconscious beliefs that flavor your choices and how to bring out the best in yourself and others.
    • Sun Valley Wellness Festival, Sun Valley, ID
    • Assoc. for Comprehensive Psychology
    • Rancho La Zaca, Santa Barbara, CA


vision quests

Gather insights, tap in to your divine self, explore your intuitive abilities, shamanic journey, and learn to communicate with the land, plants, animals and others. 


  • Kenya, Africa
  • Oslo, Norway
  • 4-Day Vision Quest, Sedona, AZ
    Retrieving Your Power Animal
    Sedona, AZ
  • Soul Retrieval
    Santa Barbara, CA, Sedona, AZ , Boulder, CO
  • Spiritual Healing Retreat
    Sarasota, FL
  • Sun Valley, ID
  • Lake George, NY


adventure retreats

Come together with a like-minded tribe  to heal, grow, learn and share. “Summer Camp for your soul with campfires, meditation hikes, white water rafting, para sailing, biking, and simply challenging yourself to stretch for new experiences.


  • 5-Days Sedona, AZ
  • 5-Days Boulder, CO
  • 5-Days Disneyworld, Fl
  • 6-Days Sun Valley, ID,
  • 4-Days San Francisco, CA


international events

  • Shamanic Journey & Life Theme
    Oslo, Norway
  • Healing Your Chakras
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Sacred Choices that Heal Your Spirit
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Developing Your Intuition
    Rome, Italy
  • Sacred Choices that Heal Your Spirit
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Enneagram and Life Lessons
    Oslo, Norway




  • Group Intuitive Readings
    West Virginia, San Francisco
  • Learning to be Intuitive
    Encinitas, CA
  • Sacred Choices
    Albany, NY
  • Laws of Attraction Part II
  • Live Readings, Globally Broadcast

healing 101: levels 1-3

Christel teaches specific healing techniques to be used on yourself and others. Guided and individual based hands on work with practicum. Remote viewing, energy healing, channeling and eighth chakra work. Healing 101 -different levels are taught throughout the year. Class size limited.


    • The Crossings: Austin, TX
    • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Rome, Italy
    • Oslo, Norway
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Sun Valley, ID
    • San Diego, CA


archetype and energetic blueprint workshops

Learn about your archetypal DNA, your energetic blueprint and your life themes. 


      • Your Energetic Blueprint
        Santa Barbara, CA
      • Self Intuitive Diagnosis
        San Francisco, CA
      • Intuition Training and Evaluation
        Disneyworld, FL
      • Changing Your Energetic Broadcast
        Seattle, WA
      • Intuition Training for Healing
        Portland, OR
      • Your Enneagram Number and Life Lessons
        San Diego, CA
      • Sacred Choices that Heal Your Spirit
        Sun Valley, ID


      • Group Intuitive Readings
        West Virginia
      • Laws of Attraction Part II
        Live Broadcast Class
      • Sacred Choices
        Albany, NY
      • Laws of Attraction Part II
        Live Broadcast Class
      • Spiritual Healing Retreat
        Sarasota, FL, San Diego, CA

intuition and illness

your saboteur archetype


intuition: gift or curse?


Private workshops and presentations can be arranged.