What is a medical intuitive, how do you describe your gift?

As a Medical Intuitive, I work with the energetic causes of illnesses. Based on my experience as an ER trauma nurse and a lifetime of fine-tuning my gift of (intuition? clairvoyance?) I teach people how to know themselves better so that they can be happy, healthy and fulfill their dreams. I already KNOW who you can be. I already see the amazing person that you are. I’d like for you to see it as well!

Why do people come to you?

People come to me for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re actually sick, they’ve been diagnosed with something. Sometimes they know something is wrong and they may have even gone to the doctor but the doctor can’t quite put his finger on what’s going on. And sometimes they just realize their life isn’t as complete as it could be. They are looking for answers, and sometime healing.

What is complementary medicine?

Complementary medicine is an alternative way of healing. It could include acupuncture, it could include Chinese herbs, it could include massage, energy work. There are so many different kinds of complementary medicine. And for me it doesn’t really matter if you choose Western, complementary, or a mix of the two. As you know I’m well trained in Western medicine – I’m an ER trauma nurse. What matters is that you stand behind the modality that you choose.

How does your ER trauma training support your clairvoyance?

I’ve seen it all in the emergency room and that is what helped me train for what I do now. I learned to spot the energetic patterns. I learned to dissect the patterns and the thought process of someone with a particular illness and I was able to catalogue all of this information. Which is what has helped me and trained me and honed my gift that I use today when I work with people who are ill.

What can people expect from a reading with you?

When someone comes to me for the first time, they are excited and nervous! They have heard about my readings, and what they can find about what is going to help them become a better, healthier, happier person. Very often they sit eyes wide and they wait. I always ask if they want me to tell them what I see? This is important as it is the contract between us, I never want to be invasive. Once I give them information, then it’s their turn to do their part. I provide the key that unlocks the problem they’re facing – but they need to agree to make the prescribed changes and to implement the algorithm that’s going to help them get better.