“Christel is the kind of teacher
    that I’ve always dreamed
    about having.”
Allison Wagner, Olympic Silver Medalist, Swimming

christel nani

Christel Nani  is an experienced Medical Intuitive.  She blends her experience as an ER trauma nurse  with her gift as a clairvoyant in service to clients, patients and students. She has a gift for reading a person’s energetic blueprint, allowing her to see the energetic patterns that are precursors to physical, spiritual and emotional disease.   

Christel has pinpointed and guided people back to health from over 100 different  forms of ailments.  Her work has been described as “an MRI for the soul.”

Having discovered her clairvoyance as a child, Christel followed her inner voice to become an ER nurse.  Her 16+ years as an ER trauma nurse fine-tuned her bedside manner and kind approach to patients and students.

Since then through her work with clients, books, workshops and retreats, Christel has helped thousands of people out of conflict and back to the harmony of an intuitive and spirit guided life.

What makes Christel’s work so different from others? She isn’t teaching rules to follow but rather, is guiding people to connect with their spirit, trust their intuition, and live at a high vibration to create positive change in families, communities and around the globe. 


spiritual responsibility

Christel developed the philosophy of Spiritual Responsibility, knowing that when she helps her students identify their underlying motivations, true healing can occur.

Being spiritually responsible requires honest reflection and insight, allowing one to see through the illusion of powerlessness. Rather than getting comfortable in adopting the energy of a victim, Christel helps her students explore what role if any, they have played in their circumstances.

In that healing moment, when one understands the inherent power of our thoughts and choices, a new reality awakens. Exciting possibilities replace the life patterns that led to disillusionment.

These miraculous moments are what Christel calls  embracing Truth. And as we all know, the Truth does set you free!


More about Christel

 Christel’s straightforward no-nonsense style has earned her the respect and gratitude from students, medical professionals and healers around the world. Always one to remember what it is like to be a patient, her bedside manner and kind approach to patients and students is appreciated and valued.

Knowing that illness is frequently caused by losing  alignment with one’s energetic blueprint, Christel guides her students back to their true selves.

Her commitment to helping her students enjoy the gifts inherent in their blueprint has made her a popular and sought out spiritual teacher, as students around the world have become happier, more fulfilled, and more loving and successful from discovering and embracing their energetic blueprint.

Christel is committed to bring our world to the “tipping point of positivity.” Many students credit her with saving their lives and helping them to find purpose and meaning in their journey.