squirrels and shamanic messages

April 30, 2015
when a deer visits you...
Deer remind us to be gentle with ourselves


When animal energy comes to you, it’s not a squirrel digging in your backyard to bury nuts, or a butterfly dancing in front of your car. It’s an energy that comes clearly to you, for you,
and it brings a message you need to hear.

I’m working with a woman who is so generous, kind-hearted and loving, and does so much care-taking for everyone, that somehow, she ends up last on her list. She knows she needs to take care of herself, in fact she has known for a while. but darn it, there always seems to be “just one more thing” that she has to attend to before attending to herself. And don’t you know, by then the sun has set and evening has turned into night?

This gal didn’t address some lower back pain that worsened over time. She is powerful and determined and somehow lived through excruciating pain while taking care of others, but not herself or her spirit.

So was it any surprise while speaking together on the telephone, she exclaimed “you won’t believe this,” but a deer is looking through my window and staring directly at me while I’m sitting on my couch. No actually, it wasn’t a surprise.

Now, this woman doesn’t live in the woods and there have never been deer staring in her window. This was a shamanic healing message brought by a deer, who made sure she saw [heard] the message.

As you know, deer energy reminds us to take better care of ourselves, be more gentle and nurturing with ourselves, but mostly to tell us, to stop ignoring our needs, and be supportive of ourselves.

Is it any coincidence that lower back pain is energy speak for not supporting yourself and your needs?

When your sign comes, please pay attention. C’mon, we couldn’t script this stuff!