resilient and strong

April 16, 2015

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Christel's resilient crocus
strong and mighty

Resilience [your ability to recover from difficult situations] can be learned and plays an important role toward building your spiritual character. We are actually geared to heal, thrive, and overcome adversity. I know, that we are made to live in the light at a high vibration, and science is once again proving this Truth!

The science of neuroplasticity demonstrates that we are able to make new neurons and neural connections that will override or even replace the old negative patterns we may have learned in early life. These low vibration patterns are the result of physical, emotional and spiritual traumas you endured that come in the form of loss, betrayal, feeling unsafe, a lack of nurturing, and yes, even from making mistakes [especially the ones you deem too big to forgive].

These experiences result in low vibration habits [such as personal browbeating, saying unkind comments to yourself, or creating unnecessary suffering for yourself and others], that produce continued stress that weakens your resiliency and your immune system.

Your stress levels can be measured and good news, lowered. Two important hormones, cortisol, the stress hormone, and oxytocin, the bonding or love hormone play an important role in your overall health. First is cortisol, the stress hormone which in excess wears down your body, and the other, oxytocin known as the bonding or love hormone which can help you change repetitious and harmful mental and emotional patterns and habits.

Knowing that you are not a victim of your past, meaning you don’t have to keep replaying painful emotions and reliving tough times, is healing in and of itself. Knowing that you can actually rewire your brain to own positivity and high vibration more easily is very exciting. Knowing you can embrace healing energy so readily is more exciting. But you have to want it.

How badly do you want it? Can you consider letting go of any low vibration victim archetype energies within you? The archetypal energies that say “what’s the use, why bother trying; things will never change for me,” or “it’s not my fault I am this way; I had a difficult childhood,” or “everyone deserted me and let me down and it has nothing to do with how I behave; it’s them.”

These are the thoughts that take up residence in your brain and create havoc. When you rewire your brain, you let go of the negative hold from your past, and start living in the present. And the present is where you create your life, your tomorrow, your resilience.

In our April 13th recent Global tele class we taught techniques to activate the healing release of oxytocin [which counteracts the effects of cortisol to begin the rewiring process] with promising and almost instantaneous results. I know we can’t always come together in the same conference room, but know that healing can come to you.

In our future Live Broadcast classes we will be teaching more techniques to expand your resilience, raise your vibration and heal painful memories. If you want to be a part of those classes, please register soon as slots are already filling. If you prefer to start your rewiring privately, make an appointment with Dr. Rebecca Grace.

This is a season of rebirth, new beginnings and fresh starts. Each Spring you watch the crocus push through the snow; strong, beautiful and resilient. Celebrate the possibilities… -Christel