Don’t anger a cape buffalo

May 12, 2021
buffalo holds a grudge
buffalo holds a grudge

Just like the avenger archetype who needs to “get even” when slighted, the cape buffalo never forgives. There are many instances of a grudge held for up to 10 years by an angry buffalo. Remembering the men who used to hunt, the buffalo locks eyes and charges without warning.

Buffalo never forgive They flip lions up in the air head over heels, and have rammed 7000 lb range rovers leaving quite the imprint of their massive horny heads. And all because they hold on to their anger.

Can you relate to the energy of a cape buffalo? Do you hang on steadfastly to your grudges and make “getting even” a priority in your life? Can you let go, or forgive, or accept the knowledge that people aren’t perfect or that life isn’t always fair? Do you have a tendency to overreact when hurt?

Perhaps like the buffalo you have your justified reasons for nurturing your anger. Imagine you are a young buck coming up the ranks and getting ready for a girlfriend when, no, the alpha male kicks you out of the harem, or you are simply old and perceived as useless and displaced from the herd.

Watching a group of displaced males while on safari, I asked my truck mates did they relate more to the energy of the cape buffalo or the zebra? Upon reflection, several noted their tendency to hold a grudge. Take a moment to feel the energy of a cape buffalo and listen for a message. Are you a safe person to be around when you are angry? When you have been hurt by someone do you need to teach that person a lesson? Is being angry a familiar and almost comfortable place?

Aaah, inner reflection. How wonderful that we can learn about ourselves by tapping in to the energy of animals and listening to their message. And sometimes, we can see our shortcomings easier in another than ourselves; yes, even in the angry yet spectacular cape buffalo.