3 Golden Rules for great safari photos

May 17, 2021
safari june 17-24
safari june 17-24

 TURN ON YOUR CAMERA. you think I’m kidding, but I’m not. You get excited and forget, and then come the expletives.

TAKE OFF THE LENS CAP. How many times I’ve heard, “my camera is broken, I can’t see anything!” Again, it happens more often than you think.

SNAP THE PICTURE–IMMEDIATELY. You can fool around with the lighting and the aperture and the composition AFTER you have snapped that first picture. I’d hate to see you miss taking the winning photo of the National Geographic Photo Contest because you were changing your film speed.

And BTW, REMEMBER TO LOOK THROUGH YOUR GOD-GIVEN LENSES [your eyes] once in a while to take in the beauty and create a “photo” in your mind. It will never fade.

So now you’ve had a good laugh and think, “oh that won’t be me,” but it will and we will all laugh with you when you do it.

Relax and enjoy the journey,

PS. I taught Queen E the same tips and look how happy she is with her safari pictures!

You’ll smile like Queen Elizabeth