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3 techniques to heal the hurt heart

How about a gift of healing? Recently in our Positivity Class we taught about “Healing the Hurted Heart.”

In the Positivity class we taught three tips that help to ease heart pain. This pain may be from an old relationship, a loss, a betrayal, a dashed dream or a trauma from long ago.

The first idea is one that can bring all healing to a standstill if indulged – the need to be right. And oh, how we yearn to be right when we’ve been hurt. And many times, we are actually in the right. But being right can easily lead us to feeling justified in our pain. Thus we begin to wait for an apology, amends, or some kind of validation that we’ve been hurt. Sadly, one can wait for years, or like in the play, “Waiting for Godot,” by Samuel Beckett, wait for that which never comes.

Second, we need to embrace Spiritual Responsibility. This means looking closely at our part in what happened and resolve to change our behavior in the future. This isn’t about blame, but rather finding one’s power. The power to change our future and heal a hurt. Tough medicine, but the spiritual path sometimes requires us to grow up quickly and decisively.

And third, is an elegantly simple healing technique where we gently put our pain in a box for a few minutes a day. Then visualize what it would be like to be without that pain and in doing so, we begin to change our cellular memory and eventually our energetic broadcast. Our focus spreads outward rather than inward. [Listen to the video and you’ll understand why it works].

We’ve heard from our students who tried the techniques and feel better. Give them a try and experience these benefits for yourself.

For more on these techniques, watch Christel’s video on youtube to help you understand these points in more depth and help you in applying them immediately to your own life.

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Christel Nani and Rebecca Grace