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Italy Adventure 2023

Download the the “Italy June 2023” PDF for More information:

Italy June 2023

Join us June 14th-19th for five nights in Florence at a luxury hotel with the rule of eight!
8-minute walk to Santa Maria Novella Train Station. 8-minute walk to the Duomo. 8-minute walk to a great restaurant or two or three!! Included: all breakfasts, 4 lunches, and all adventures. $6875/dbl.

FLORENCE: June 14-19

  • ‣  Hike in Cinque Terra, village to village—like the Camino walk, but easier!
  • ‣  Drive your own vespa in the Tuscan Hills, sampling olive oil and more.
  • ‣  See how far the Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually leaning.
  • ‣  Visit San Gimignano, a walled medieval town with an amazing skyline and spirits galore.
  • ‣  Delve in to the soul of Tuscany and the chianti region on an electric bicycle.
  • ‣  Find your inner chef in a Florence cooking class followed by a homemade lunch.
  • ‣  Stroll around the breathtaking architecture in Siena, home of the famous Paleo.
  • ‣  Fifth day surprise: Take a train for the day to Venice or Sorrento; join our caravan tothe chianti region for wine tasting; shop [leather goods are renowned in Florence], or simply people watch with a cappuccino. Or simply, relax.Say goodbye to Florence with an after-dark bike ride around the city. See the lights
    on the Ponte Vecchio shimmering on the Arno River, the magnificence of the Duomo
    at night, Michelangelo’s David on the hillside overlooking the city, and more!
    Board an early train from Florence to Rome [1 1/2 hour ride—and a time to rest up for Rome!

    ROME 19-21

    Stay 2 nights in a luxury hotel on Via Veneto, minutes from the US Embassy and the Legendary Harry’s Bar, (where their peach bellini cocktail evokes the atmosphere of Fellini’s “Dolce Vita.”)
    We will stroll to our favorites: Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Square, Castel Sant’ Angelo, and Pantheon, and probably ride the red bus! And of course, some very favorite restaurants like Osteria dell’ Anima in Piazza Navona.

christel nani kenya safari june 2021

Rhino Message

Rhino Energy. christel nani kenya safari june 17-24

Deer and Rhino Energy

Animals can bring us messages in the physical and etheric worlds. Sometimes it’s a warning, a reminder, or just a gentle nudge to pay attention to ourselves.

Like the time a female deer stood on the front porch of a friend’s home; quiet, gentle, but insistently there and not moving until the deer’s message was heard.

Deer remind us to be easy and compassionate with ourselves, but mostly they remind us to take care of ourselves, emotionally, physically and spiritually, something she had forgotten as she became more busy with life.

Being busy was an understatement for me when my sign arrived. I had just landed in Nairobi and was tired from burning the candle at both ends for the months before the safari. Driving in to Emakoko Lodge, I saw the southern cross blazing directly over my head and knew a portent was coming for me. Suddenly in the dark, five rhinos stepped in front of our jeep blocking our way. A bit of a deja vu for me— being stopped in my tracks—except last time it was llamas in Machu Picchu!

What a magnificent sight, partly because rhinos are rare, (the white rhino is nearly extinct and there are barely 25,000 black rhinos left in the world) and also because they carried a message for me.

Rhino energy tells us to be still and conserve energy until necessary to move. I was to let go of multiple projects, pull in and rest, blow out the candles and recharge my batteries immediately, as I would be needed for a solo job that would require all of my strength, wits, and creativity.

I listened and not two months later, I prayed gratitude for the warning message as I was able to take hold of a physically demanding and emotionally trying time without burning out my adrenal glands.

I had to chuckle because my etheric helpers know that sometimes their message/sign for me has to be BIG, and yes stop me in my tracks. Moving five rhinos off the road just wasn’t going to happen until I acknowledged my sign and then they casually walked in to the darkness.

And paying attention is the key, ladies and gentlemen. When you get a sign—animal, angel, etheric message, prophetic dream, stranger interaction, how ever it comes to you, don’t kid yourself; you know it is a message for you, and you are meant to listen.

Please listen. It comes for your protection, it comes because you need to know, but mostly, it is sent to help you.

3 Golden Rules for great safari photos

safari june 17-24
safari june 17-24

 TURN ON YOUR CAMERA. you think I’m kidding, but I’m not. You get excited and forget, and then come the expletives.

TAKE OFF THE LENS CAP. How many times I’ve heard, “my camera is broken, I can’t see anything!” Again, it happens more often than you think.

SNAP THE PICTURE–IMMEDIATELY. You can fool around with the lighting and the aperture and the composition AFTER you have snapped that first picture. I’d hate to see you miss taking the winning photo of the National Geographic Photo Contest because you were changing your film speed.

And BTW, REMEMBER TO LOOK THROUGH YOUR GOD-GIVEN LENSES [your eyes] once in a while to take in the beauty and create a “photo” in your mind. It will never fade.

So now you’ve had a good laugh and think, “oh that won’t be me,” but it will and we will all laugh with you when you do it.

Relax and enjoy the journey,

PS. I taught Queen E the same tips and look how happy she is with her safari pictures!

You’ll smile like Queen Elizabeth

christel nani safari june 17-24. energy of cape buffalo

Don’t anger a cape buffalo

buffalo holds a grudge
buffalo holds a grudge

Just like the avenger archetype who needs to “get even” when slighted, the cape buffalo never forgives. There are many instances of a grudge held for up to 10 years by an angry buffalo. Remembering the men who used to hunt, the buffalo locks eyes and charges without warning.

Buffalo never forgive They flip lions up in the air head over heels, and have rammed 7000 lb range rovers leaving quite the imprint of their massive horny heads. And all because they hold on to their anger.

Can you relate to the energy of a cape buffalo? Do you hang on steadfastly to your grudges and make “getting even” a priority in your life? Can you let go, or forgive, or accept the knowledge that people aren’t perfect or that life isn’t always fair? Do you have a tendency to overreact when hurt?

Perhaps like the buffalo you have your justified reasons for nurturing your anger. Imagine you are a young buck coming up the ranks and getting ready for a girlfriend when, no, the alpha male kicks you out of the harem, or you are simply old and perceived as useless and displaced from the herd.

Watching a group of displaced males while on safari, I asked my truck mates did they relate more to the energy of the cape buffalo or the zebra? Upon reflection, several noted their tendency to hold a grudge. Take a moment to feel the energy of a cape buffalo and listen for a message. Are you a safe person to be around when you are angry? When you have been hurt by someone do you need to teach that person a lesson? Is being angry a familiar and almost comfortable place?

Aaah, inner reflection. How wonderful that we can learn about ourselves by tapping in to the energy of animals and listening to their message. And sometimes, we can see our shortcomings easier in another than ourselves; yes, even in the angry yet spectacular cape buffalo.

Elephant celebrates a Mother’s Day

christel nani kenya safari june 2021
christel nani kenya safari june 2021

Elephants represent family energy with often impressive dynamics of nurturing, scolding, acting out of course loving each other. Elephant energy can open your heart chakra to know you are loved. Impressive beings, Elephants feel emotions as we do; they weep, become angry, happy and sad and communing in the wild with a mother and baby elephant will surely tug at your heart strings.

If an elephant comes to you, via dreams or visions or simple energetics, pay attention to those around you to remember to express your love for them.


Christel Nani giraffe totem

Giraffe Totem teaches us wisdom

Giraffe Totem teaches us everyday wisdom

Giraffes teach us to look above the fray and not get our feet tangled in the weeds. Sometimes we need to look for the bigger vision of what is going on, sometimes we just need to rise above the craziness around us and keep walking. If a giraffe comes to you in the etheric, pay attention if you are wasting your energy on mundane quarrels.


Giraffe Energy Christel Nani



Upcoming Kenya Safari
June 17-24
$3867 All Inclusive except external airfare.

Learn about Lion Totem: Christel Nani Kenya Safari June 17th-24

Lion totem: Kenya Safari June 17-21, 2021

You may recall that workshops always begin in the etheric long before you take a seat in the classroom.
Messages for you can come in so many ways, such as through dreams, visions during meditation, or even an urge to pick up a book if it hasn’t fallen at your feet! And do you recall the book Clan of the Cave Bear? The lion totem is female. She hunts, nurtures and is rather stealthy.

If the lion has come to you since learning of the upcoming Adventure Travel to Kenya, be aware of an important message: “The lion does not fight for the sake of fighting, but rather will avoid confrontations if possible. The lion is strong enough to walk away.
Should the lion be calling out to you, consider the areas in your life where you seem to be arguing, fighting, distressing… Is it truly necessary or are you trying to prove your strength?

. As always, please call or email for any specific questions.

click here

Negative covid test within 96 hours of travel. These tests are free and can often be found at CVS or other local pharmacies.

Christel Nani upcoming kenya safari
I can look the other way when my man is cranky!


christel nani kenya safari june 2021

Kenya Safari June 17-24, 2021

All Inclusive Kenya Safari. Magic, Excitement, Service and Fun

Adventure calls! The song of Kenya is in our hearts, and we are ready to continue our work in the Mara. We will study energy medicine and animal energy with Christel. Please read the extreme health and safety covid protocols in place for your safari safety.


Plan to fly out of the USA on June 17th, and your adventure begins on the 18th as you are greeted at the Nairobi Airport and transported to a safe and quiet Nairobi hotel. We will share breakfast together and then be transported 40 minutes to Wilson Airport for our internal flight to the Mara. Expect a warm Maasai welcome as we gather our belongings for the first of many game drives on the way to our camp.

Indoor hot private shower/bathroom, and comfy beds. You and your roommate get ready because we have seen live births, and thousands of wildebeest stampede a river crossing. Each visit is unique and awe-inspiring.

We will spend a day at our school in Mara Rianta to greet the children and headmaster and teachers, excited to share the next phase of our community building.

No vaccines are required, and as always, this decision is a personal one. Should you wish to take the same flights as others, let us know.

Please click to see all information ABOUT THE CAMP, EXTREME Covid SAFETY PROTOCOLS, AND MORE.

please download our pdf. click here


Stay well,

A call to action for healing our world

Let put some light in the world. All is takes is some candlelight. Be the light of just one candle.

Adding your light to the world will help you feel better when you are feeling powerless in our ever-changing world.
I’m asking you to promote healing during these dark times. All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for enough good men and women to do nothing. Won’t you add the light of a single candle with intentions and prayers for harmony and healing? Remember, even the darkness cannot extinguish the light of one candle. Please don’t underestimate the power of your single light.Your light will help the world to reach the tipping point of positivity, and most importantly, when you add the light of your candle with prayers and intentions for healing our world, the darkness cannot extinguish the light within us and our world.

I call you to action. Won’t you light your candle today and remember to be the light with me? Take a minute to listen:

Be safe, be smart and remember the words of St. Francis.

christel nani quote

Christel’s call to action


Compassion has the power to heal.

power to heal

power to heal
compassion has the power to heal

Have you ever tried to “improve” yourself while feeling shame, or being critical or judgmental of your past? It doesn’t work, but compassion will.

Compassion has the power to heal, as demonstrated in a recent class. One student shared a secret that had plagued her for years. Christel channeled healing energy for her and the class and in the midst of her self hate, shame and judgment, a moment of grace was witnessed by all; she released her past and embraced the higher vibration of love and forgiveness.

This experience demonstrated the power of self compassion to heal and transform in ways that guilt and criticism never will. Being compassionate with ourselves brings us to the energy of love and acceptance for ourselves AND others.

Christel knows from her energy Reads the illnesses that can develop when one is critical and unloving toward themselves. Learning true compassion is but one road toward healing.

Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. explained the research showing the futility of using self criticism to improve, change habits or be a better person. (even though people believe that it will).

You can learn to be compassionate with yourself, surrounded by like-minded seekers of the light, health and high vibration in our classes. If the topics of positivity, resilience, happiness, compassion and the science of how your brain is wired for high vibration is of interest to you, be a part of our Live Broadcasts.
Learn more, or work with Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. on the application of these principles in your life.

Christel Nani Seminar-Live Class Online

a moment of grace

Know that it is wise to be open to love when it finds you.” –Christel

When you have been shocked or injured, betrayed or collapsed in the center of grief and loss, a part of you gets left behind in that time period. It’s partly a natural defense mechanism and at times, a choice to avoid these painful memories that could interfere with daily life or pursuing your guidance.

Whatever the reason, you must retrieve that part of you in order to heal. I had taught in a healing class how to call back the piece of you that had been traumatized or wounded, and thus left out in the ethers.

 I recalled my compound fracture injury to my finger while deep in the bush in Africa. All my healing efforts in the months thereafter, just didn’t seem to help. My finger remained painful and unhealed between June and September. One afternoon while energizing my meridians, I realized I couldn’t feel any energy in my finger because I had left it in Africa and needed to call it back.

But sometimes when an angelic intervention, a healing unasked for, a moment of spiritual synchronicity, or a God inspired experience occurs, that requires no instruction or technique. In fact, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis, we often have no awareness of the magic in the moment.

Until afterwards.

I had such an experience during an early morning pre-class walk to enjoy the colorful displays of Fall. I was walking and without knowing how it began, heard myself speaking about a painful time in my past that had unexpectedly changed the course of my life. Pulled away from what I wanted and steered toward a different life, I tried to accept my new direction, grieve with grace and heal a loss that had altered all that I held dear and sacred.

But a morning walk, the right person, the right time, and an unexpected and brief conversation became a moment of grace that called back a part of me in need of healing. Neither of us saw it coming and certainly we could not have planned it. That moment healed a part of me that longingly has often wondered, “what if…”

A moment of grace changes you, healing your cellular memory whereby you stop wistfully musing how different your life would be had it not been interrupted or altered by significant life events.

These wonderful moments are available to each of us and occur spontaneously and without fanfare when two or more are gathered and basking in the glorious light that resonates with our souls. Thus do we allow ourselves and others to see the gift of our own personal divinity.

This I taught in Healing 101 and as I watched you channel the healing light for each other, you came to know the healer within you. Know that what you learned is real because you had the experience for yourself and others and can repeat it at any time you choose.

When relaxed, without ego, and opened to healing, many things are possible as the light of God channels through us for ourselves and one another. Your faces softened with awe as you discovered these healing energies in yourself and others. And I trembled with joy when at times, I saw the glow of celestial light around you and knew your experiences would forever change you to seek out the light.

I feel blessed to share these experiences with you, and have come to peace in knowing that the turn my life took years ago led me to where I am supposed to be. Thank you for this healing insight, and know that it is wise to be open to love when it finds you. –Christel

Lions and Shocking Behavior

An upcoming event, “How to Move Beyond Shocking Behavior” is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t let others haunt you and hurt you. Let the healing begin! May 12th, 9:30am MST

christel-nani-lion energy

lions out for a stroll in the Mara

Christel Nani showed students how to “call in” lions using their powerful energetic signature. We brought in elephants–loving and family oriented and now the lions–all about accessing your inner power when people hurt you. And next is a leopard which is much harder!

Thank you for caring about the elephants!

I want to say thank you and share a picture of my elephant, named Sities, orphaned at seven weeks old, due to to poaching. She came desperately seeking company and how wonderful she found a new family.
Saying good night to a cutie pie

Many of you wrote back to say you had adopted an elephant at the Sheldrick Center. How awesome!

I want to say thank you and share a picture of my elephant, named Sities, orphaned at seven weeks old, due to to poaching. She came desperately seeking company and how wonderful she found a new family.

Remember that elephant energy is all about family, tribe and the heart. They feel deeply—loneliness, sadness joy and grief, and even though they tussle now and again, they stick together; they understand that love is not conditional.

In both Tanzania and in the Mara I taught my group how to “call in the elephants.” They surrounded our truck with curiosity and love and after the mothers sniffed our scent, allowed the youngster to come to us as well. It was life-changing as our heart chakras opened and tears flowed freely down each cheek.

This is not to say our driver wasn’t a bit nervous as the elephants reached their trunks to us and stared deeply in to our eyes as an adolescent male came closer as well. He could have easily tipped over our truck if startled. We held our breath and barely moved and just quietly opened our hearts and loved them back.

Seeing and feeling the elephants in the wild is amazing and I can understand how those elephant handlers can give up a year of their life to care for these orphans. Here’s a brief video of the youngsters at the Sheldrick Center coming back from a happy play time. Such a contrast from how they were found.

I’m working on the next trip to the Kenya in the fall and it includes a visit to the orphanage—an experience that will never leave you. We can learn a lot from elephants.

And PS. After the elephant encounter, my students asked me how to call in a lion!

Stay tuned,


Live webinar 4/3 9am Healing Support

Metabolic Syndrome Alert

Preventive Medicine Tip:
And for those of you struggling with metabolic syndrome, remember that one of the precursors for diabetes is forgetting, abandoning, or getting too busy or caught in your circumstances to even allow yourself to dream. So start dreaming!

How to achieve your dream:

  1. Write down your dreams, and allow yourself to dream big! The energy of excitement and anticipation has to swirl inside of you.
  2. Create a vision board to have visual reminders of your dream that help keep the energy alive and activated within you.
  3. Step outside your comfort zone. Take a chance; take a risk. A piece of guidance, so simple yet direct was heard early in the morning: “Nothing will change unless you move.”
  4. Find your cheering section and avoid the curmudgeons, victims or naysayers.
  5. Look for synchronicity—people and events will arrive in your path to accommodate your dream—make sure you pay attention these resources.
The Sheldrake Center takes care of orphaned elephants. Thank you.

Elephants, Love and Commitment

Several times our jaunts to Kenya included a visit to the Sheldrake Center, where orphaned elephants are given love and care and companionship.
It’s all about love for our orphans,

The Sheldrake Center in Kenya takes in orphaned elephants. It’s all about love.

Several times our jaunts to Kenya included a visit to the Sheldrake Center, where orphaned elephants are given love and care and companionship. Some of the babies lost their mothers and fathers mere weeks after they entered this world, due mostly to poachers who killed for ivory.

For an elephant, family is all important and a calf’s very existence depends upon its mother’s milk for the first two years of life. There are men who adopt these orphans and make a commitment of at least one year to eat, sleep and play with these babies.

Watching the babies being fed milk from rather large bottles just melts my heart. And of course play time with beach balls is always a sight to make you smile. In the evening the babies are put to bed, covered in a blanket only to fall sound asleep with their loving and protective caretakers right beside them.

They used to assign one parent to one elephant, but if that parent got sick or had to leave for a few days, the babies would cry for them and did not fare well. Now, they rotate the parents, so the youngsters get to know their extended family, just like in an elephant family where the elephants come together and help one another. Sometimes you need a village…

I asked one of the men why he made such a commitment and he answered, “love.” Kind of blew me away but I saw that love in his eyes gazing upon his sleeping young charge. So I’m thinking maybe in honor of Daphne Sheldrake, who recently passed, we could pay that love forward. You can foster an elephant to support her cause or you can choose to open your heart and let your words come from a loving space to the next three people you speak with.

Love is powerful. Love is healing. Let’s try to be more loving to each other. Let’s do it in honor of Dame Sheldrake who will be sorely missed. She had a vision and stepped up to make that vision a reality.

Sometimes, we need to let love nudge us in the right direction.

I am so grateful for her work and tip my hat in her honor.

Much love to you,


3 techniques to heal the hurt heart

How about a gift of healing? Recently in our Positivity Class we taught about “Healing the Hurted Heart.”

In the Positivity class we taught three tips that help to ease heart pain. This pain may be from an old relationship, a loss, a betrayal, a dashed dream or a trauma from long ago.

The first idea is one that can bring all healing to a standstill if indulged – the need to be right. And oh, how we yearn to be right when we’ve been hurt. And many times, we are actually in the right. But being right can easily lead us to feeling justified in our pain. Thus we begin to wait for an apology, amends, or some kind of validation that we’ve been hurt. Sadly, one can wait for years, or like in the play, “Waiting for Godot,” by Samuel Beckett, wait for that which never comes.

Second, we need to embrace Spiritual Responsibility. This means looking closely at our part in what happened and resolve to change our behavior in the future. This isn’t about blame, but rather finding one’s power. The power to change our future and heal a hurt. Tough medicine, but the spiritual path sometimes requires us to grow up quickly and decisively.

And third, is an elegantly simple healing technique where we gently put our pain in a box for a few minutes a day. Then visualize what it would be like to be without that pain and in doing so, we begin to change our cellular memory and eventually our energetic broadcast. Our focus spreads outward rather than inward. [Listen to the video and you’ll understand why it works].

We’ve heard from our students who tried the techniques and feel better. Give them a try and experience these benefits for yourself.

For more on these techniques, watch Christel’s video on youtube to help you understand these points in more depth and help you in applying them immediately to your own life.

And don’t forget to subscribe to Christel’s youtube channel so you don’t miss out on any healing tips and techniques.
Stay tuned,

With love,
Christel Nani and Rebecca Grace

What is your legacy?

Moby Dick, Gifts, Statues and Death

Moby Dick, Gifts, Statues and Death

What is your legacy?
What is your legacy?

Last week I spoke of the connection between dreams and diabetes. Today, I’d like to speak about creating a legacy or leaving a gift for the world. Face it, we are all going to die and while a statue might be nice, I like to think of how I have helped others in their quest for betterment, and also to share the love in my heart. I am getting my life in order and choosing my gifts for the world and hope you do the same.

Remember, a gift is something we give willingly without any expectations of a return gift or payment, and without any expectations of how that gift will be used. Meaning, a free and heartfelt moment of giving that brings great joy to the “giver.”

Too often, I have seen supposed gifts, or giving thinly disguised as a way to try and control another, or reap benefit from that gift. Those are not gifts; those are second chakra, “hey, look at me how wonderful I am,” actions. Gifts are not taken back in the heat of an exchange; gifts are not a way to try and control another; gifts are not a means to manipulate others. They are given from the heart with love and joy regardless of the outcome.

I have been blessed to receive some wonderful gifts such as an Italian horn filled with love and protection, a pendant from the Camino that reminds me daily of all the different paths to God; a pen that I use often and with great joy, adorable llamas for my home, many heartfelt cards filled with words I so cherish, and yes, a barbecue that rocks my world!

These gifts were given without strings or expectations and emanate love for me and to me. Wow, I so want to pay this love forward. One of the gifts I have chosen is to sponsor an ethical, motivated and all around wonderful man who is dedicated to helping children learn and bettering his community in the Mara. That would be Peter, and I am personally sponsoring him for four years of university. This gift could be called one of my legacies, as I am “handing down an education” to someone I care about. Education is important to me and also a great joy in my life.

Now your gift could be as simple as ending a rift between friends, planting some trees, opening your heart to one in pain, writing words of encouragement and guidance to one younger and less wise than you; there are so many gifts you can bequeath to our world.

It’s never too early to put your life in order and choose what is important to you. Don’t wait, don’t play it safe, be in charge of your legacy. I want to look down from above and watch Peter [no, not that Peter!] read “Moby Dick,” the most well known yet not fully read books of our time. Oh, did I mention, he wants to study English Literature, an absolute love of mine?

I had the great fortune to meet his mother who is so grateful and happy for her son. For a parent to see a child have their dream come true, I don’t know…Does it get any better than that? I’ll let you know as I continue to formalize my legacy and consider how to leave my love for others. —Christel