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What is your legacy?

Moby Dick, Gifts, Statues and Death

Moby Dick, Gifts, Statues and Death

What is your legacy?
What is your legacy?

Last week I spoke of the connection between dreams and diabetes. Today, I’d like to speak about creating a legacy or leaving a gift for the world. Face it, we are all going to die and while a statue might be nice, I like to think of how I have helped others in their quest for betterment, and also to share the love in my heart. I am getting my life in order and choosing my gifts for the world and hope you do the same.

Remember, a gift is something we give willingly without any expectations of a return gift or payment, and without any expectations of how that gift will be used. Meaning, a free and heartfelt moment of giving that brings great joy to the “giver.”

Too often, I have seen supposed gifts, or giving thinly disguised as a way to try and control another, or reap benefit from that gift. Those are not gifts; those are second chakra, “hey, look at me how wonderful I am,” actions. Gifts are not taken back in the heat of an exchange; gifts are not a way to try and control another; gifts are not a means to manipulate others. They are given from the heart with love and joy regardless of the outcome.

I have been blessed to receive some wonderful gifts such as an Italian horn filled with love and protection, a pendant from the Camino that reminds me daily of all the different paths to God; a pen that I use often and with great joy, adorable llamas for my home, many heartfelt cards filled with words I so cherish, and yes, a barbecue that rocks my world!

These gifts were given without strings or expectations and emanate love for me and to me. Wow, I so want to pay this love forward. One of the gifts I have chosen is to sponsor an ethical, motivated and all around wonderful man who is dedicated to helping children learn and bettering his community in the Mara. That would be Peter, and I am personally sponsoring him for four years of university. This gift could be called one of my legacies, as I am “handing down an education” to someone I care about. Education is important to me and also a great joy in my life.

Now your gift could be as simple as ending a rift between friends, planting some trees, opening your heart to one in pain, writing words of encouragement and guidance to one younger and less wise than you; there are so many gifts you can bequeath to our world.

It’s never too early to put your life in order and choose what is important to you. Don’t wait, don’t play it safe, be in charge of your legacy. I want to look down from above and watch Peter [no, not that Peter!] read “Moby Dick,” the most well known yet not fully read books of our time. Oh, did I mention, he wants to study English Literature, an absolute love of mine?

I had the great fortune to meet his mother who is so grateful and happy for her son. For a parent to see a child have their dream come true, I don’t know…Does it get any better than that? I’ll let you know as I continue to formalize my legacy and consider how to leave my love for others. —Christel

Being happy is part of healing your spirit

Dreams, Diabetes and Balloons

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Success is defined by Maya Angelou as “liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Churchill said that “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” But what does it mean to fulfill a dream?

“A dedication to become happy and a willingness to not only ask for, but then to receive and accept more in your life.” —Christel Nani

Woo Hoo! Another dream comes true. With great pleasure, I shout out congratulations to the newest and probably most excited Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Handler, herein named as MTDPBH or MBH for short.

According to a recent Daily News article, these positions are very hard to get and usually take about five years of applying and hoping. For Ms. MBH, it took less than a year. She did, however, have to take on a second job, as you must work at Macy’s to even be considered for the parade.

Keeping the goal in her mind’s eye, helped her work double shifts and long hours. Learning that almost all balloon handlers work at a New York Macys, did not deter her, but rather activated her archetypal energy of a Detective to figure out the application process. And when they neglected to even email her back a rejection letter, she persevered and essentially, haunted them.

Viola! It worked.

Did everyone support her dream? No. Was everyone happy that she achieved her dream? No. And that’s the thing about pursuing your dream: you have to surround yourself with people who support you, and insulate yourself from people who do not encourage your highest good.

So to recap: Following a dream, first requires some dedication to your happiness and a willingness to receive more than you presently have in your life. And second, to create a support system of friends and family who value your happiness.

As a supporter of MBH’s dream, I will be at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in November for the very first time. If you live in NY or plan to be in NY at that time, let us know and we can
form a cheering section.

Preventive Medicine Tip:
And for those of you struggling with metabolic syndrome, remember that one of the precursors for diabetes is forgetting, abandoning, or getting too busy or caught in your circumstances to even allow yourself to dream. So start dreaming!

How to achieve your dream:

  1. Write down your dreams, and allow yourself to dream big! The energy of excitement and anticipation has to swirl inside of you.
  2. Create a vision board to have visual reminders of your dream that help keep the energy alive and activated within you.
  3. Step outside your comfort zone. Take a chance; take a risk. A piece of guidance, so simple yet direct was heard early in the morning: “Nothing will change unless you move.”
  4. Find your cheering section and avoid the curmudgeons, victims or naysayers.
  5. Look for synchronicity—people and events will arrive in your path to accommodate your dream—make sure you pay attention these resources.