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take care of the children as we are all one big family

africa – first trip – synchronicity

thank you for caring
thank you for caring

from our new family: That they would “pay it forward,” when back on their feet. And they did, and so it began.


I know it was a divinely inspired synchronistic happening for the six of us to be at the same gate and at the same time as the families looking for help. Not a hand out, but genuinely  needed help.

Five plantings had withered from the lack of water, and now their children were withering too. A mother will go to great lengths to save her children; heroic feats, a swallowing of pride, and often, a release of the need to feel guilty. A fierce determination to survive met us at the back gates to our safari reserve.

And we are grateful that synchronicity and the women and children who found us! –Christel