Energy Medicine refers to modalities and treatments designed to heal the energy body which is where most problems begin. Physical, spiritual and emotional disease often begin as a person’s vibration lowers and eventually  progresses to resonating with the vibration of a particular illness.

A person’s vibration lowers when they are in conflict with or out of alignment with their energetic blueprint. This conflict drains their energy leaving a person tired and feeling stuck and apathetic toward change in their life.

It can take weeks to years for an  illnesses in the energy system to manifest in the physical body. Each disorder has an energetic signature which allows Christel to identify a problem, explore the root cause of the disruption, (rather than treat the symptoms), and  create a care plan for restoration and health.

Interventions that resolve conflict, raise one’s vibration and help people align with their energetic blueprint have a healing impact that often lead to resolution and renewed excitement and passion toward life. This is true mind body medicine and is a superb adjunct to most healing regimens.

The first step is an intuitive scan in which Christel,...READ MORE

cited by Deepak Chopra for her unique insight, uncovers the root cause of a person’s illness or unhappiness. Christel Nani, one of the rare Medical Intuitives with medical training, stresses that her patients do not have to choose between alternative and Western medicine.

Christel then creates a highly individual treatment plan that spells out what the Center’s professionals and — just as important –the individual can do to reverse the progress of their disorder, return to full health and increase their resistance to disease in the future.

Many of the healing modalities used at the Center employ hands-on healing administered by Nani, and all require wholehearted participation by the patient.

“As an E.R. nurse, I can dialog efficiently with doctors and collaborate on a healing plan where we work together for our patient’s needs. For example, I’ve worked with many people on chemotherapy and help them to raise their white blood cell count — a result we can measure using before and after test results that show success.

I look at each person’s energetic blueprint, which shows me information about a person’s beliefs, their perceptions about themselves and others, and their connection with God or Higher Power. Your conflicts impact your immune system and can predispose you to illness, emotional problems, or spiritual challenges.”

In-Person Private Readings and Healing Sessions are available at the Christel Nani Healing Center, Sun Valley ID.

christel nani healing center

Nestled in a serene nook of sunshine, trees and flowing water, this innovative center is one of a kind. Within walking distance to famed Sun Valley, Idaho the Center offers a full spectrum of care including holistic medicine, energy psychology, bodywork and Western medicine,

People come from around the world to work privately with Christel in a series of 3 – 5 day hands-on retreats. Your retreat begins with a private Reading from Christel and subsequent days are focused on Lumos sessions, (Christel’s unique healing modality) and or sessions with Rebecca Grace, Psy.D.  Classes, weekend workshops, adventure retreats and family and individual healing sessions are offered to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

It is an unparalleled opportunity to focus entirely on you and your needs, and a time to listen fully to your soul. Many life saving and life changing decisions have been made as a result of brief trip to Ketchum.


dr. rebecca grace

Rebecca is the Center’s Psychologist and first worked with Christel in 1999 as a patient. Through her work with Christel, she healed from MS. As part of her healing she knew she could never return to the traditional practice of psychology and began teaching around the world with Christel. She is well-known for healing trauma, anxiety and depression and her patients often remark how safe they feel when working with her.

Rebecca works with students through phone sessions and in person at the Healing Center.