Jan 21, 2017

Truth with a Capital T

Location: Christel Nani Healing Center
200 River Street E
Ketchum, ID 83340

Date(s): Jan 21, 2017

Tuition: $175.00

Product Description

Saturday: 12:30pm-4:30pm

Truth with a capital “T”: How knowing your truth will set you free.

Recently in Sun Valley Christel spoke about the “Four Pillars of Happiness.” The first pillar Christel taught about is “Knowing your truth with a capital T” which fosters a happiness bubbling up from your soul because you are now “in the flow.” In this workshop, Christel has a powerful question for you to answer: “What do you know that you don’t want to know?”

This question is tough, but like all of Christel’s healing work, it quickly cuts through distractions and confusion in your life. And since your soul already knows the answer, why not harness your power to you can create transformation in your life? During Christel’s talk it was inspiring to hear people answer this question with clarity and relief at the acknowledgement of what was right for them.

This workshop will delve more deeply into your truth to give you the relief that comes from just saying the truth. While speaking your deepest truth can be difficult at first, the relief will set you free and on the road to true happiness because you are listening to your intuitive self.

Early bird special tuition ends 1/18/2017