Sep 3, 2016

Saturday 10am MST

positivity classes and live readings: what’s your super power?

Location: Live Broadcast

Date(s): Sep 3, 2016

Tuition: $95.00

Product Description

Saturday: 10:00am-11:15am

We all have a secret super power – something you are good at and that’s also easy for you. If you know what your super power is, you can resonate with success more easily and come to know an important part of your energetic blueprint.

You can attend the Positivity classes in-person at the Christel Nani Healing Center, Ketchum, ID, or attend via live internet conferencing* worldwide.

While each class has a different topic, they are centered around Christel’s Readings during the class. This week, Christel’s Readings will focus on what you need to do to become “setting yourself up for success.”

Classes are a fun combination of teaching, random energetic Readings, relevant research (that is finally catching up to Christel’s knowledge), the conduction of healing energy, laughter, and support from other students. If you want to see how fast healing can happen, join us.

WHAT ARE POSITIVITY CLASSES?: Our classes are for anyone who wants to experience Christel’s work, open to their intuition or inner voice, and learn to become happier and more resilient.

HOW WILL THE POSITIVITY CLASSES HELP ME? They will uplift and inspire you, teach you techniques to improve your life, and introduce you to like-minded spiritual seekers. Christel’s Readings combined with the principles and techniques of neuroplasticity, (the science of changing your brain), will give you a firm foundation for becoming more creative, successful and alive, often undoing depression, trauma, anxiety and self-defeating patterns.

WHY ARE WE TEACHING THE POSITIVITY CLASSES? Our classes give you skills you can use immediately to increase your resilience, mood and happiness, which makes you a powerful change-agent for positivity in our world.

WHAT IS NEUROPLASTICITY? Research showing that the brain is an alive, ever changing organism that can become more positive depending on the thought food given to it.

WHO ARE THE TEACHERS? Christel is a world renowned Medical Intuitive and Spiritual teacher who knows why people become sick and why they heal. Rebecca Grace, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in healing trauma and building resiliency.

*Using the power of video conferencing, you will see and hear each participant and of course, Christel and Rebecca. You will be able to ask questions and interact with other class members. You need a computer, smart phone or tablet with webcam, internet, and headset with microphone. A link to the class is emailed to you 15′ before class begins.

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