May 4, 2019

Live Broadcast Saturday 9am mst

Mood Lifters, Grief, and the Victim Archetype

Location: Globally televised to your home

Date(s): May 4, 2019

Tuition: $95.00

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Saturday: 9:00am-10:30am

christel nani webinar 5/4
christel nani webinar 5/4

Live Readings and Healing Circle

Quick Ways to Lift Your Mood

The best thing we can do for a bad mood is to change it as quickly as possible. Today we will explore the difference between a bad mood which is more motivated by the little archetype we call the Victim and true grief or sadness which requires different strategies. Today we focus on effective ways to engage our higher instincts to change a bad mood and not let it spiral into something more. How useful this is for anyone attempting to change a behavior, reach a goal or improve their life? We all experience set backs and frustrations and today’s class will teach us how to not let those annoyances snowball into something much more serious. Plus, today’s topic will make you feel happier!

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