Jun 2, 2018

Live Broadcast Saturday 9:30am MST

Magical thinking can hurt you. How to own the present and heal

Location: Globally televised to your home

Date(s): Jun 2, 2018

Tuition: $95.00

Product Description

Saturday: 9:30am-10:45am

Magical thinking can hurt you. How to own the present and heal

Live Readings + Healing Circle: Christel will scan the energy of the group participants specific to the content of each class to be used for your personal teaching and conclude with a healing circle.
The theme of each class will be different and will teach spiritual, personal discovery and self-growth modalities, adapted to specific attendees issues. [such as intuitive skills, Illusion and Truth, communication, overcoming fear, dispelling illusion, living in spiritual alignment, heart-healing, forgiveness, empowerment]. Known as the positivity plexus which incorporates neuroplacticity techniques. [Good for your brain!]

No software is required and no special skills are needed by participant.

You will need earbuds or headphone [like you use with your Iphone], a computer, tablet or telephone to participate. 15′ before class begins you will receive a link in your email. Please click the link and come online with the group.

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