Apr 16, 2016

Living in grace

Location: Christel Nani Healing Center
River Street
Ketchum, ID 83340

Date(s): Apr 16, 2016

Tuition: $150.00

Product Description

Saturday: 12:30pm-4:30pm

Grace is defined as unexpected good or manifestation of favor, especially by a superior. Grace is forgiveness, charity and mercifulness. It also means clemency or pardon. And Grace is an active energy in the universe, looking for places where it is accepted. Is your life one of those places where grace is welcomed?

Or do you think you have to earn grace, that you are too imperfect to receive such a gift or that there are others more deserving and they should get it but not you? Do you think you have to be prettier, work harder, be kinder or procrastinate less before you can be blessed with grace?

This workshop will bring you face to face with your comfort with receiving grace as an active deserved part of your life. Grace is waiting for you to say yes, and this workshop is your chance to embrace, receive and accept grace in your life. So much good is waiting for you!