Jun 11, 2016

Learn to Trust Your Inner Knowing

Location: Christel Nani Healing Center
200 East River Street
Ketchum, ID 83340 + Live Global Broadcast

Date(s): Jun 11, 2016

Tuition: $95.00

Product Description

Saturday: 10:00am-11:15am

Sometimes we make mistakes and think we can’t trust ourselves, yet we must find a way to begin anew and follow our inner voice. Learn ways to build your self-trust.

Workshops are held at the Christel Nani Healing Center. If you are unable to physically join us in Sun Valley, you can participate in the workshop via virtual means*.

Based on the principles and techniques of neuroplasticity,  our Positivity Plexus workshops teach techniques for changing your brain so you can be happier, smarter, more compassionate and way more creative. We are here to undo depression, trauma, anxiety and self-defeating patterns and move you into high vibration living.

Designed to uplift, inspire and teach you how to think in positive ways. Classes are a fun combination of teaching, energetic Readings, relevant research (that is finally catching up to Christel’s knowledge), the conduction of healing energy, laughter, and support from other students.

Classes are usually taught by both Christel Nani, RN and Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. but depending on travel schedules, may be taught by one, rather than both of them.

*You will need a computer and receive a link to our workshop 15′ before the start time. You will be seen and heard as if you are in the room.




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