Apr 17, 2016

Archetype Readings: Are you feeling frozen?

Location: Christel Nani Healing Center
Sun Valley, ID

Date(s): Apr 17, 2016

Tuition: $175.00

Product Description

Sunday: 12:30pm-4:300pm

Is your life feeling frozen in a series of recurring patterns and thoughts that keep you from moving forward? An archetype reading can remedy this situation. Each student will be assisted in creating a question about ongoing issues in their life. Then, looking at their personal archetypal DNA, the way will become clear to move toward your heart’s desire.

Christel has been reading archetype wheels in an ongoing series to help students be accountable for their spiritual growth. Classes are approximately every 90 days, and whether you come once or to all archetype classes, you will learn your priority task to help be focused in your endeavors, achieve your goals, and help you get unstuck.

Some past issues from prior classes include, “I want to have a baby, why do I keep sabotaging my efforts to be happy, why haven’t I healed? Learn which of your archetypes can assist you and which ones can stall your progress no matter how much you desire a goal.