March Birthday Funnies

March 21, 2016
 A hearty thank you for all the birthday wishes sent my way and know that I am paying those good wishes forward to all who are also born in March! Of course, I especially enjoyed the surprises and humorous nurse cards. I love to see all your playful child energy; it keeps me laughing.

Lots of new classes coming up and of course our favorite adventure retreat. May I suggest that you get plenty of sleep before you come, because as you know, we always seems to find some surprises to share with you that are above and beyond the curriculum!

Know that on the first day of Spring, I stood an egg on it’s pointy end to capture the magic of the season for each of you. It’s time to come out of your deep sleep and blossom with beauty, the beauty that comes from living your true energetic blueprint.

Now it’s time for you to receive and accept those energies.

See you soon,


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