Don’t be mean in 17

January 3, 2017


Listen up world. Did I mention that I LOVE NEW YORK! Okay, maybe I’m slightly biased because that’s where I fell in love for the first time, learned to drive and had some very good and interesting times! But I’m so excited because New York decided [yes, New Yorkers can be a bit ego-centric] that KINDNESS is the theme for 2017. The slogan goes, “don’t be mean in seventeen.”

I’m thrilled because our last Positivity class of 2016 was about finding your theme for 2017, and each participant is starting the new year with a personal theme. You know I don’t do resolutions because, well, because I don’t do them! But themes set an energy for the year. It’s a way to bring in what you need or want, like love, adventure, making better choices, or simply owning your inner gifts and talents. What a way to put your stamp on your new year!

I always suggest to my students that they find a visual representation of their theme to keep that energy flowing all year. I know one woman who will be getting a framed picture of Captain America, and another who is willing to “go for it.” I am so happy for all of you!

Not to worry, there is still time to identify and own your theme for 2017, but if you are still drawing a blank, feel free to use the New York theme of “kindness.” I have a kindness pillow that I use every day. Oh, so subtle!