Enjoy those precious moments when our tribe comes together. May it lift your vibration, open your heart and bring many smiles to your face.

Lions and Shocking Behavior

May 5, 2018

An upcoming event, “How to Move Beyond Shocking Behavior” is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t let others haunt you and hurt you. Let the healing begin! May 12th, 9:30am MST lions out for a stroll in the Mara Christel Nani showed students how to “call in” lions using their powerful energetic signature. We brought … Continue reading Lions and Shocking Behavior

Thank you for caring about the elephants!

May 4, 2018

Many of you wrote back to say you had adopted an elephant at the Sheldrick Center. How awesome! I want to say thank you and share a picture of my elephant, named Sities, orphaned at seven weeks old, due to to poaching. She came desperately seeking company and how wonderful she found a new family. … Continue reading Thank you for caring about the elephants!