Africa 3 — My first hokey pokey

June 21, 2015

You name it, we brought it. And then we played. We taught them the hokey-pokey, we did animals imitations and learned the Swahili words for warthogs and leopards. They called out English words infrequently because they were often stumped by our poor rendition of a lion roar or zebra call. There simply was no hope for any semblance of recognition between our animal calls and the real animals. I thought our Maasai guide may have wet his pants he laughed so hard.

All in good fun coming together like a big family that we are. For all that we brought with us and all that we gave, we went home laden with treasures: smiles, laughter, silliness and the knowing that we had made a difference in the world. And for all who donated their used shoes and more back in the states, they too were filled with gratitude and love.

How blessed we are. — Christel