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christel nani hokey-pokey dance made us all laugh

Africa 3 — My first hokey pokey

You name it, we brought it. And then we played. We taught them the hokey-pokey, we did animals imitations and learned the Swahili words for warthogs and leopards. They called out English words infrequently because they were often stumped by our poor rendition of a lion roar or zebra call. There simply was no hope for any semblance of recognition between our animal calls and the real animals. I thought our Maasai guide may have wet his pants he laughed so hard.

All in good fun coming together like a big family that we are. For all that we brought with us and all that we gave, we went home laden with treasures: smiles, laughter, silliness and the knowing that we had made a difference in the world. And for all who donated their used shoes and more back in the states, they too were filled with gratitude and love.

How blessed we are. — Christel

Jackson Looseyia shared his love of Kenya and family with our tribe. His smiles lit up our world.

Reflections from Africa

Team Kenya 2015! Thank you for sharing your smiles on our extraordinary Safari of a lifetime with famed guide, Jackson Looseyia, and my extreme gratitude for helping the children in Kenya! -Christel and Rebecca.

It’s a treat to visit Jackson in his “office” in the middle of the Mara, and an amazing feeling to meet the children who readily share smiles, jokes and dancing with us. They taught us the Swahili word for zebra and showed us their school with pride and excitement. We brought them some gently used sneakers, art supplies and of course some outdoor toys for play. What a gift we received in sharing their joy. –Christel

Shoes for Kenya children

Shoes for Kenya Children

Our visit to the schools brought many tears of joy and gratitude. Some of the children walk three or more miles to school! Thank you, Shannon Swisher Rexrode, for helping us bring smiles to these beautiful children, on Friday, June 5, 2015

Christel Nani in Africa. "Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see." M. Twain

Kenya School Visit Amazing

We visited our first school and saw the results of our previous trip. School uniforms were being made on the sewing machine – loom we bought for the disabled students. It is so exciting to see the students learn a skill that benefits many and helps them to be a valuable part of the “school family.”

Today we brought shoes and clothing for the orphans, toothbrushes for all and clothing of all sizes. The children were especially excited by the art supplies, pencils and of course, fun items as well.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in this amazing program of giving. We couldn’t have done it without you! – Christel

Squirrels and Shamanic Messages

squirrels and shamanic messages

when a deer visits you...
Deer remind us to be gentle with ourselves


When animal energy comes to you, it’s not a squirrel digging in your backyard to bury nuts, or a butterfly dancing in front of your car. It’s an energy that comes clearly to you, for you,
and it brings a message you need to hear.

I’m working with a woman who is so generous, kind-hearted and loving, and does so much care-taking for everyone, that somehow, she ends up last on her list. She knows she needs to take care of herself, in fact she has known for a while. but darn it, there always seems to be “just one more thing” that she has to attend to before attending to herself. And don’t you know, by then the sun has set and evening has turned into night?

This gal didn’t address some lower back pain that worsened over time. She is powerful and determined and somehow lived through excruciating pain while taking care of others, but not herself or her spirit.

So was it any surprise while speaking together on the telephone, she exclaimed “you won’t believe this,” but a deer is looking through my window and staring directly at me while I’m sitting on my couch. No actually, it wasn’t a surprise.

Now, this woman doesn’t live in the woods and there have never been deer staring in her window. This was a shamanic healing message brought by a deer, who made sure she saw [heard] the message.

As you know, deer energy reminds us to take better care of ourselves, be more gentle and nurturing with ourselves, but mostly to tell us, to stop ignoring our needs, and be supportive of ourselves.

Is it any coincidence that lower back pain is energy speak for not supporting yourself and your needs?

When your sign comes, please pay attention. C’mon, we couldn’t script this stuff!

we all know how to set ourselves up for failure, but do you know you can just as easily set yourself up for success?

love and miracles

Love is a miracle
Love is a miracle

Miracles are moments that change us. Simple moments like the exchange of a few heartfelt words, a surprise encounter with one you hope to see, or a choice to open to love, can be the catalyst for a miraculous life-changing and healing moment.

It is during these simply profound moments when divine light shines upon us AND we choose to let go of everything but the light, that we can open to the healing power of the unconditional love surrounding us.

And doubt not that divine light will change you. Many of you felt that change and saw it in others this past week during the Healing 101 Seminar, which was my privilege to teach. As you channeled light and healing, I was in awe of your courage to open to God and even more, that you were excited to be pushed further each day.

And all because you were willing to take a risk and follow me into the light. Were you nervous or a bit anxious? Perhaps, but as you channeled the light of God for each other, and allowed the healer within you to emerge.

Without realizing the profundity of that moment, many of you were changed forever by the experience of welcoming of God love to help another. Such a gift, such a moment, and how loving of you to share your open heart with  another. Thank you for taking care of each other.

As your teacher, I feel honored and blessed to know you. —Christel

Dr. Rebecca Grace tuesdays: This weekly meditation and visualization class teaches a variety of techniques designed to strengthen your mind, increase your resilience, connect you with your creativity and give you a mental break from stress that will restore your nervous system and help you get clear and grounded.

resilient and strong

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Christel's resilient crocus
strong and mighty

Resilience [your ability to recover from difficult situations] can be learned and plays an important role toward building your spiritual character. We are actually geared to heal, thrive, and overcome adversity. I know, that we are made to live in the light at a high vibration, and science is once again proving this Truth!

The science of neuroplasticity demonstrates that we are able to make new neurons and neural connections that will override or even replace the old negative patterns we may have learned in early life. These low vibration patterns are the result of physical, emotional and spiritual traumas you endured that come in the form of loss, betrayal, feeling unsafe, a lack of nurturing, and yes, even from making mistakes [especially the ones you deem too big to forgive].

These experiences result in low vibration habits [such as personal browbeating, saying unkind comments to yourself, or creating unnecessary suffering for yourself and others], that produce continued stress that weakens your resiliency and your immune system.

Your stress levels can be measured and good news, lowered. Two important hormones, cortisol, the stress hormone, and oxytocin, the bonding or love hormone play an important role in your overall health. First is cortisol, the stress hormone which in excess wears down your body, and the other, oxytocin known as the bonding or love hormone which can help you change repetitious and harmful mental and emotional patterns and habits.

Knowing that you are not a victim of your past, meaning you don’t have to keep replaying painful emotions and reliving tough times, is healing in and of itself. Knowing that you can actually rewire your brain to own positivity and high vibration more easily is very exciting. Knowing you can embrace healing energy so readily is more exciting. But you have to want it.

How badly do you want it? Can you consider letting go of any low vibration victim archetype energies within you? The archetypal energies that say “what’s the use, why bother trying; things will never change for me,” or “it’s not my fault I am this way; I had a difficult childhood,” or “everyone deserted me and let me down and it has nothing to do with how I behave; it’s them.”

These are the thoughts that take up residence in your brain and create havoc. When you rewire your brain, you let go of the negative hold from your past, and start living in the present. And the present is where you create your life, your tomorrow, your resilience.

In our April 13th recent Global tele class we taught techniques to activate the healing release of oxytocin [which counteracts the effects of cortisol to begin the rewiring process] with promising and almost instantaneous results. I know we can’t always come together in the same conference room, but know that healing can come to you.

In our future Live Broadcast classes we will be teaching more techniques to expand your resilience, raise your vibration and heal painful memories. If you want to be a part of those classes, please register soon as slots are already filling. If you prefer to start your rewiring privately, make an appointment with Dr. Rebecca Grace.

This is a season of rebirth, new beginnings and fresh starts. Each Spring you watch the crocus push through the snow; strong, beautiful and resilient. Celebrate the possibilities… -Christel


Healing Events with Christel Nani


The new healing center is under renovation. It has everything a great healing center needs:  trees, sunlight, water,  healing energy AND fairies!

We are so excited and can’t wait for you to  join us for classes, meditation time, tribal support and yes, even dark chocolate!

healing technique: “cha-ching effect”

From Inspiration to Action…

Follow Michelangelo’s thoughts to understand the “Cha-Ching Effect”. Know what your chakras are trying to teach you so you can align your with your choices with your spiritual guidance . Christel taught in Norway about the flow of energy from inspiration to action, explaining the movement of energy through the chakra system. When you energy backs up your words, she has coined the term, the “cha-ching” effect.

Christel taught in Norway about the flow of energy from inspiration to action, explaining the movement of energy through the chakra system. When you energy backs up your words, she has coined the term,  the “cha-ching” effect.

  • Learn to read your energy. When you speak, is your energy behind the words?
  • Understand what your chakras are trying to teach you.
  • Create an authentic life by aligning your spirit with your life choices.
Christel is not the "goat whisperer." But she's pretty quick.

africa 2 – I am not the goat whisperer

Christel is not the "goat whisperer." But she's pretty quick.
Christel is not the “goat whisperer.” But she’s pretty quick.

We had some left over money after buying the seeds for our families and thought buying each family a goat would support their autonomy. And BTW, buying a goat in Africa is quite the endeavor. No one wants to part with their goats. But happiness prevailed!

When in Africa, we are very “hands on.” I don’t feel comfortable simply giving money — We negotiated the purchase of the seed and also the goats. Giving money sometimes results in lost money, and actually, we enjoy the adventures. I mean truly, when was the last time you had a goat raffle?

First, we put secret numbers on each goat and the families randomly picked a number and then the chaos, oops, I mean fun began, matching a family to a goat. Big goats, littles goats, jumping goats, but mostly running in all directions goats.

It was almost as hard as herding cats, oh wait, that’s what I do when I take my groups on the Adventure Retreats. If you’ve ever tried to get a group together for brunch at a restaurant, try getting a group together in a safari truck with all their gear, or tucking them in at night while lions are on the hunt and growling around the camp. Like I said, herding cats is easier, but I love what i do and I love them! –Christel


take care of the children as we are all one big family

africa – first trip – synchronicity

thank you for caring
thank you for caring

from our new family: That they would “pay it forward,” when back on their feet. And they did, and so it began.


I know it was a divinely inspired synchronistic happening for the six of us to be at the same gate and at the same time as the families looking for help. Not a hand out, but genuinely  needed help.

Five plantings had withered from the lack of water, and now their children were withering too. A mother will go to great lengths to save her children; heroic feats, a swallowing of pride, and often, a release of the need to feel guilty. A fierce determination to survive met us at the back gates to our safari reserve.

And we are grateful that synchronicity and the women and children who found us! –Christel