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Being happy is part of healing your spirit

Dreams, Diabetes and Balloons

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Success is defined by Maya Angelou as “liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Churchill said that “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” But what does it mean to fulfill a dream?

“A dedication to become happy and a willingness to not only ask for, but then to receive and accept more in your life.” —Christel Nani

Woo Hoo! Another dream comes true. With great pleasure, I shout out congratulations to the newest and probably most excited Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Handler, herein named as MTDPBH or MBH for short.

According to a recent Daily News article, these positions are very hard to get and usually take about five years of applying and hoping. For Ms. MBH, it took less than a year. She did, however, have to take on a second job, as you must work at Macy’s to even be considered for the parade.

Keeping the goal in her mind’s eye, helped her work double shifts and long hours. Learning that almost all balloon handlers work at a New York Macys, did not deter her, but rather activated her archetypal energy of a Detective to figure out the application process. And when they neglected to even email her back a rejection letter, she persevered and essentially, haunted them.

Viola! It worked.

Did everyone support her dream? No. Was everyone happy that she achieved her dream? No. And that’s the thing about pursuing your dream: you have to surround yourself with people who support you, and insulate yourself from people who do not encourage your highest good.

So to recap: Following a dream, first requires some dedication to your happiness and a willingness to receive more than you presently have in your life. And second, to create a support system of friends and family who value your happiness.

As a supporter of MBH’s dream, I will be at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in November for the very first time. If you live in NY or plan to be in NY at that time, let us know and we can
form a cheering section.

Preventive Medicine Tip:
And for those of you struggling with metabolic syndrome, remember that one of the precursors for diabetes is forgetting, abandoning, or getting too busy or caught in your circumstances to even allow yourself to dream. So start dreaming!

How to achieve your dream:

  1. Write down your dreams, and allow yourself to dream big! The energy of excitement and anticipation has to swirl inside of you.
  2. Create a vision board to have visual reminders of your dream that help keep the energy alive and activated within you.
  3. Step outside your comfort zone. Take a chance; take a risk. A piece of guidance, so simple yet direct was heard early in the morning: “Nothing will change unless you move.”
  4. Find your cheering section and avoid the curmudgeons, victims or naysayers.
  5. Look for synchronicity—people and events will arrive in your path to accommodate your dream—make sure you pay attention these resources.
The Camino Walk in Spain: A journey of forgiveness

Walking the Camino for Forgiveness

Camino Pilgrims land in Madrid
Camino Pilgrims land in Madrid

Camino Pilgrims land in Madrid

The “Camino Happens After the Camino”

As many of you know, a group of twenty walked many kilometers of the camino in Northern Spain in late April. It was a journey of forgiveness and at the end of the walk, all petitions of mistakes and more were released in a healing ritual held in the St James Cathedral in Santiago. The light that surrounded and filled us still leaves me in awe of God’s love.

IMG 2170

So many paths to find God

A Powerful Moment

Choosing love and forgiveness allows you to reclaim your power and own the real you, diminishes the self absorption necessary to haunt yourself with past mistakes and wipes the slate clean to end the stories of self recrimination that demand punishment. This powerful moment happens any time you choose forgiveness over self-punishment and allows you to move forward with an unburdened heart ready to hear the call of Spirit.

IMG 7358

Pastoral countryside in Spain

A Higher Purpose

Walking the beautiful countryside with outdoor dining and gentle inner reflection was an adventure. Our lives are the result of many decisions made each day. Each moment is an opportunity to choose differently, to choose a higher vibration, to seek guidance and even ask for help to become a better version of who we were yesterday.

Perservering for a higher purpose, even those with some of the largest and most painful blisters on determined feet I’ve ever seen, (and that’s coming from an ER/trauma nurse), not only finished the walk, but even walked many extra kilometers to help another.

IMG 8741

Healing requires a contract

Our journey began…

with each walker committing to honor themselves and allow forgiveness to enter their hearts and minds. From there, angelic signs greeted us repeatedly, intuitive knowings became more clear and walkers made life-altering decisions that would shape their futures. Such a reminder that healing requires a contract; we can’t simply ask for help or healing or forgiveness, we must also be willing to receive it.

IMG 5912

Journey of Forgiveness

Buon Camino!

Each day we explored the nooks and crannies of the route to gather more stamps for our Compostela, or the Pilgrim’s Passport. Small churches tucked away behind a sheep pasture seemed to be routine, and pastoral paths led us to meet supportive townspeople, and other walkers from around the globe. The universal greeting to fellow pilgrims “buon camino,” rang out amidst the forests, the towns, the small chapels and yes, the small taverns that greeted sore feet and thirsty travelers.


The Camino Path brought many surprises

Sleeping with Gratitude

Walking the Camino was a gentle opportunity to be braver, kinder and happier. Asking for help, being open to miraculous happenings, expressing gratitude and paying attention to the signs around you, can transform your day. Try approaching your day with graciousness, patience and kindness, rather than something different and less enjoyable. It’s always your choice.

The ten hour days on the trail may sound like a lot, but they were lightened with mystical happenings, angelic signs, new friends, determination, a focus and care for others and tons of humor. It was a choice to support and help one another, and to seek out the light in each situation. And at the end of the day there was still laughter, love, and intimate conversation, and THEN, the pilgrims slept!

IMG 2908 1

Ready for Guidance

A Personal Decision

Walking the Camino is clearly an individual and very personal decision. For me, it started with a moment of guidance to carry petitions for forgiveness from around the globe. The message was clear: we cannot continue to put ourselves down or hold on to our past mistakes because these actions stop us from being whole. These actions keep us centered around ourselves and not others, and these actions stand in the way of us answering a call to action by God.

Consider getting guidance to help out a neighbor, but your past missteps remind you that you are not worthy or good enough to be a helper of one in need; in fact you actually feel like a fraud imitating a good and caring person. Forgiveness allows us to shift our focus from ourselves to others. What a great way to be of service in the world, if only to extend kindness and a smile.

FullSizeRender 7

The smile? Priceless!

Healing Power of Love

This journey was filled with so much kindness and care for each other as we walked that the healing power of love was clearly evident. But more than the miles was the emotional and spiritual journey that played out for each person; it is clear that walking the Camino brings out what is inside of you in a clear and distinct way. If one is judgmental that ugliness is exaggerated, but if one is kind and generous, those acts seem to take on greater meaning and effect.

For those willing to let go of self judgements, criticisms or berating thoughts, the personal transformations were miraculous. No one can forget the picture of the shaft of beatific light radiating to the center of a group of walkers gathering for a photograph, a divine confirmation of the importance of this journey for each of them.

IMG 8747

Fun does not require permission!

Inspiration, Resilience and Love

I have to share one more story because I am as proud as a peacock!

One student walked despite an injury to his achilles, inspiring us all with his courage and determination. I had intuitively seen that he needed to walk the Camino five years prior in a workshop on the East Coast, knowing it would transform him and indeed it did. But what he brought to the group was equally amazing; his grit and resilience lifted us all. He walked with an injury but without complaint; he walked with a smile and watched out for the needs of others. I hope that one day you get to meet this special person.

IMG 7564

St. James Cathedral, Santiago Spain

There are so many amazing stories from the walk. But there are even more stories from after the walk. Miraculous moments, fantastic new self-knowledge and awareness, mystical happenings and angelic signs continue to occur after returning home.

That’s why they say, “the Camino happens after the Camino.”

Bravo, to all who walked this journey. You have given a beautiful gift of healing. I’ve received so many emails from people who can feel the forgiveness and love and are no longer haunted by their past mistakes; their thoughts are turned to the present and toward others, rather than being self-absorbed with their past.

And a big thank you to all who prayed for us; I know your prayers kept spirits high and laughter in abundance. –Christel

Preventive medicine to reduce stress

conflict, stress and authenticity

As an emergency/trauma nurse in New York City’s busiest hospitals, I saw firsthand the profound damage from illness caused by energy draining conflicts.

Conflict causes stress which burdens the adrenal glands and overworks your immune system. In my energy speak, I say that conflict “lowers your vibration.”

Each illness has a specific low vibration—it’s how I tell them apart and can discern diabetes from an under active thyroid or cancer. I am sensing and Reading the vibration in your body. So naturally, we want to keep our vibration as high and healthy as possible.

Feeling caught in an ongoing tug of war between the life affirming messages from your spirit—clearly intent upon your highest good, and the unconscious programming and rules about what you are supposed to want and how you should behave, can significantly lower your vibration.

These rules—learned throughout your life, were often taught with good intentions from elders and caregivers. Rules like a strong man doesn’t cry, or a good woman takes care of her family before herself, not only limit your authenticity, but can also limit your exceptionality and even cause you to disregard your needs.

Needing to express your grief and pain with tears, or wanting to take care of yourself shouldn’t cause a battle inside of you, or make you feel like something is wrong with you just because you need or want something slightly out of the norm.

These internal conflicts are sometimes hard to spot. Yes, your stomach might churn, a headache might visit, or even a tiredness may overtake you, as you dread making a final decision.

While the physical symptoms are easy to notice, especially in the middle of the night when there are fewer distractions from your supposed no-win situation, there are ways to deal with the conflict before you get the headache. Here are a few steps to help you diagnose and resolve a conflict before your body gets your attention. It’s a form of preventive medicine.

Step 1:

Listen for tell-tale words in your vocabulary. If you hear yourself saying such phrases as “I should…I have to…I’m supposed to…I must….I have no choice…,” it is a sure sign that you’re doing something not because you want to, but because you feel it’s expected of you.

It’s time to sit still and ask yourself, “what is my Truth; do I really want to go to dinner with my friend [who leaves me drained] or would I rather take time for myself to rest and recharge?”

Step 2:

Check in with yourself and get real about your feelings. What do you truly want to do? Stay home? And does that make you feel guilty? [more about that guilt in a moment]. Feeling guilty is a clear sign you are perched between a rock and a hard place and stress is beginning to build.

Step 3:

Identify your limiting tribal belief that’s behind your stress. I recommend you get a copy of my book, “Sacred Choices,” and you will easily see the beliefs that are causing your guilt. Limiting beliefs such as “a good friend stays loyal, especially if you’ve been friends for a long time, or they’ve been there for you during a difficult time and you owe them” can make you feel torn when you are tired and need to stay home and rest. Your heart yearns for rest, but your head says “Just suck it up and go, even if it leaves you feeling tired and drained. You can rest later.”

Let me warn you that in the beginning it can feel difficult to step away from what you believe others want or expect from you, and instead, listen to your growing spirit that knows what would make you happy.

And you might create a karfufle or two. You are breaking age-old rules and that scares people. You may get push back, criticism, or judgement from others when you go off script. What will your tribe think of you? Will they think you are rebellious and perhaps even a bad person to step out of the mold and think such thoughts?

Possibly, but I’ll applaud you because it surely puts you in good company. Did you know that at one time society believed the world was flat and that women could not be good surgeons because they were too emotional?

One at a time, the risk takers are guiding our future to a higher level. Are you one of those courageous and authentic people who are willing to take a risk and speak your truth to help our world evolve?

I am because I know that well-behaved women [and men] rarely make history.

Someone has to step out of the mold for us to embrace our exceptionality and grow as a society. The more exceptional people we have, the faster our world evolves.

Preventive medicine to reduce stress
Preventive medicine to reduce stress

To help you change your Limiting Tribal Beliefs and find your exceptionality, I am putting my CD “Tribal Beliefs Limit Your Exceptionality” on super sale for only $5 plus shipping. To order, go to www.christelnani/products and enter in code “freedom.”

Spend some time today establishing your heart’s desires, whether for greater love, freedom, abundance, peace, strength or something different! Manifestation begins with courageously naming your dream.

Power of your words

Greetings from Kenya!


The power of words—saying you will do something sends an energy in to the world and if we don’t follow through, souls are injured. Theirs, because they do not forget, and ours because we won’t feel good about who we are.

I believe it is as simple as seeing a need, and choosing to do something about it. Being philanthropic doesn’t require any special skills, but rather, a choice to care.

The Mara is a special place of mysterious and unplanned surprises. Just yesterday I jumped from our 4by4 only find a hidden pair of eyes peering curiously at me. The eyes of a baby hyena wondering about my efforts to find a place to relieve myself. Yes, I then made another choice: I would wait!

Today we go back to our school, the Mararianta, and yes, I suppose we have adopted them as part of our extended family, to see the children and how your generous donations have been put to good use. To date, many children have been given missing parts to their school uniforms—a sweater, regulation shoes, a shirt and at times an entire uniform. You see, children cannot go to school in Africa without a uniform, so if a parent cannot afford the uniform her child is denied an education, an education that is so imperative if our world is to come together and change for the better.

Supplies for the classroom were purchased and a tailor has come in to mend the older uniforms—you see, nothing is wasted. Books, pencils, a small salary for the dedicated teachers and a small play area has been added to the school. The sound of children playing and laughing fills a part of me that just has to burst forth in a big smile.

Some children have received a scholarship to attend school. It costs $20 every three months. The Chairman of the school, a wonderful man named Phillip is clear that learning is a group effort; the parents must help out and not just receive. It keeps the exchange clean and we like that philosophy.

During our last visit in September 2016, we learned that the children are hungry and we made a promise to come and build a cafeteria or meal room. Today we meet to map out what began as a cafeteria. You see, the children receive one small amount of porridge each day—that is all they have to eat. How can you learn when you are hungry? How can you grow when you lack food? How can their hearts be eased when their bellies ache? And so we saw a need and chose to address it.

We are just simple people who decided to act when a need was put before us. We don’t belong to any large organization, nor have administrative red tape, we are simply us; a group of caring individuals who chose to make a promise and fulfill that promise. We put the energy of action behind our words.

And so we have returned to Kenya and today will break ground for the new kitchen, meal room and more. We are meeting with the Fundis who are the equivalent of the masons. We’ve had an architect figure out the loads for our stonework and carpenters and more to begin our project which has beautifully grown in to a meal room for joyous meals, a kitchen to infuse the food with love and care, and of course a storage room to harbor food to wait out the droughts that destroy the badly needed crops.

Today we break ground together. The volunteers who generously gave money for our project are with us in spirit, my volunteers who graciously dropped everything to come to Kenya and help out, the parents who want more for their children, the headmaster, teachers and chairman of the school who want to support their extended family and our friend, Jackson Looseyia who has assumed many roles to help our cause. He is cherished for his big heart and extended willingness to support our cause take care of his beloved Mara and give back to his people.

I say thank you to all and keep us in your prayers this day. I haven’t dug a foundation in a while nor laid brick upon brick to create a room, but I do remember how to care, how to love and how to laugh and that will sustain us this day.

Blessings to all,

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christel nani live web 6/12 head chatter defines anxiety

Unlock the Algorithm to Health and Happiness

January 3, 2017. By invitation only. RSVP mandatory. This event will be filmed and your attendance gives consent to be possibly filmed and interviewed.


Bridge the gap between who you ARE and who you want to BE. 

Through her medical background and intuitive gifts, Christel shows people the roadmap back to health, happiness and passion.

Deepak Chopra describes her as “…an inspiring and compelling voice with unique insight and approaches for achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.”

Christel Nani, RN Medical Intuitive, has spent a lifetime studying the patterns and effects of doing what you think you are supposed to do vs. living the life of your dreams. She shares simple steps to break free of the stress of conflict by listening to your inner voice, connecting with your spirit, and living at a high vibration to create positive change in life.

Christel travels the world as a keynote speaker, author and spiritual leader. Her workshops, lectures and adventure retreats are designed to help people live their true energetic blueprint to help bring the world to the tipping point of positivity.

January 3, 2017. By invitation only. RSVP mandatory. This event will be filmed and your attendance gives consent to be possibly filmed and interviewed.

christel nani webinar 3/14: chakra first aid

Don’t be mean in 17


Listen up world. Did I mention that I LOVE NEW YORK! Okay, maybe I’m slightly biased because that’s where I fell in love for the first time, learned to drive and had some very good and interesting times! But I’m so excited because New York decided [yes, New Yorkers can be a bit ego-centric] that KINDNESS is the theme for 2017. The slogan goes, “don’t be mean in seventeen.”

I’m thrilled because our last Positivity class of 2016 was about finding your theme for 2017, and each participant is starting the new year with a personal theme. You know I don’t do resolutions because, well, because I don’t do them! But themes set an energy for the year. It’s a way to bring in what you need or want, like love, adventure, making better choices, or simply owning your inner gifts and talents. What a way to put your stamp on your new year!

I always suggest to my students that they find a visual representation of their theme to keep that energy flowing all year. I know one woman who will be getting a framed picture of Captain America, and another who is willing to “go for it.” I am so happy for all of you!

Not to worry, there is still time to identify and own your theme for 2017, but if you are still drawing a blank, feel free to use the New York theme of “kindness.” I have a kindness pillow that I use every day. Oh, so subtle!

Good Vibes Only

Interesting, might not be your first adjective when reflecting on this past year. For some of you battling a serious health issue has been difficult, time consuming and at times feeling like an overwhelming and losing battle. Healing your heart after divorce, ending friendships, and death while painful and disruptive has turned your life upside-down, but is also a testament to your resilience and determination to get up, shake off the dust, and take a chance to trust again, love again, and be willing to share your life with others. But, why bother?

People ask me all the time, why bother; isn’t it easier to die, or simply pull in and protect ourselves from future hurt? Perhaps, but what about our agreement to care for one another, care for our planet and care for all the innocents of our world? Who will extend themselves for their sake?

Yes, that agreement is an inherent part of us; we agreed when we came in to this world to watch out for others, to open our hearts to others, and to consider the good of the many, not of the one or few. Your soul made that agreement when you accepted the gift of life and were born.

Some have the tools and use them for this mission and some are learning how to be a part of the extended family called “each other.” In each case, the first step is always the same: a requirement to look beyond ourselves, to see other people, to see their needs, their pain, their longing for connection.

Once you are willing to look beyond your little world, synchronicity will come in to play and you will find a way to extend yourself; and it doesn’t require going to a foreign country of atrocities.

The crux of the matter is that we simply need to begin to care, we need to begin to forgive, we need to begin to choose to step out of our stories and beliefs that don’t serve us. It’s those small every day choices that change us; it doesn’t have to be the big spiritual wallop that turns our lives upside down.

Heidi Klum from Project Runway says, “you are either in, or you are out.” I pray for you to be in and help bring positivity, empathy, compassion and care to each other. You can wake up on January 1, 2017 with a new mindset. You can replace one negative thought with a positive one each day forward. You can make a difference in the level of positivity in our world just by the way you think.

Let’s add good vibes to our world. Let’s look beyond ourselves. Let’s choose to grow and sing and love and expand as spiritual beings. And let’s heal. Remember the biggest impediment to healing emotional wounds is being right. Waiting for an apology, amends or validation can cost you the best years of your life just like in the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray. Stuck in a hell of his making, his life didn’t get better until he made the decision to change. Most significantly, he chose to notice others and not just himself.

January 1st can be your miraculous day that changes our world for the better so we can reach that tipping point of positivity.

Love and Peace to all,

Christel Nani Adventure Retreat: Healing Hidden Stress

Healing Hidden Stress: June 22-26: Adventure Retreat

Christel Nani Adventure Retreat: Healing Hidden Stress
Christel Nani Adventure Retreat: Healing Hidden Stress
This Adventure Retreat will be an opportunity to reflect on your values, to set a life direction based on what is truly important to you, and to develop an intuition and wisdom based guidance system.

Learn the latest tools from Positive Psychology to build inner strength and increase your ability to bounce back from life’s setbacks.

Practice techniques from Energy Medicine that build your immune system and end energy drains.

The adventure part is kept easy and fun, and we always find a way to accommodate all ability levels. Of course Christel always has a bit “extra” outside of the normal class schedule for those of you willing to challenge yourself just a bit more…

Take some “me time” for life-changing personal insights, laughter, exercise and of course, Christel’s hidden surprises. Challenge yourself to stretch a little, whether it’s climbing to the top of Bald Mountain, rafting, parasailing, horseback riding, or a quiet and easy hike to meditate on the motivation of your recent choices.

Mornings begin with Christel’s coffee ritual to set positive intentions for yourself and others as you inhale the beauty of your surroundings. Hands on healing is taught both in the classroom and outdoors, as you share your journey with like-minded seekers.

Location: The Christel Nani Healing Center for some of our classes and on the walking trails around Sun Valley for the others. Our schedule is filled with activities, classes, group meditations and visualizations, laughter, and of course good food.

Tuition is normally $995 but we are so excited to have this retreat at the Center that we are reducing the tuition to $595, a savings of $400! This includes your tuition, welcome dinner Wednesday night and a farewell lunch on Sunday.

Any questions, please call Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. at 760-310-9085.

PS. Don’t forget about our safari adventure in Kenya. We will be taking donations of gently used sneakers and classroom supplies directly to the children. Give us a call to learn more.

SEP 8, 2016 – SEP 16, 2016: KENYA, AFRICA – Kenya Safari – Adventures in Africa – Kenya Safari

March Birthday wishes made me smile

March Birthday Funnies

 A hearty thank you for all the birthday wishes sent my way and know that I am paying those good wishes forward to all who are also born in March! Of course, I especially enjoyed the surprises and humorous nurse cards. I love to see all your playful child energy; it keeps me laughing.

Lots of new classes coming up and of course our favorite adventure retreat. May I suggest that you get plenty of sleep before you come, because as you know, we always seems to find some surprises to share with you that are above and beyond the curriculum!

Know that on the first day of Spring, I stood an egg on it’s pointy end to capture the magic of the season for each of you. It’s time to come out of your deep sleep and blossom with beauty, the beauty that comes from living your true energetic blueprint.

Now it’s time for you to receive and accept those energies.

See you soon,


Ps. Stay in the know by following me on twitter!

rewire your brain for happiness

Rewire your brain for happiness

We had such a fantastic Positivity Plexus class and wanted to share some of the insights to help you build your resiliency and positivity.

Rewiring your brain to be stronger, happier and naturally more buoyant is actually possible with consistent effort. As we taught in class, a negative brain can be both addictive and successfully treated.

Healing begins with awareness so we had each student identify their particular negative thought addiction and found that in general they fell in to one of three categories: Punishment, Bullying or Judgement or “P, B and J.” These negative thoughts can drain your energy system, often first noticed in a tightness or uncomfortable feeling in the third chakra or solar plexus area.

I surprised our students by reading a particular strength in their energetic blueprint that they could use to overcome negative thoughts. In each case, the strength is innate and easily accessed.

Some examples from our class include: “I notice and appreciate beauty,” “I pray easily,” “I feel light and can put it into dark places,” “I do ritual and ceremony,” “I can see both sides of an argument,” “I nurture others and create safety,” and “I can take risks that others can’t.”

You too, have been blessed with gifts that can easily lift you out of negative thinking and make you feel instantly better. What comes easily and naturally to you? Do you have a knack for fixing things, or persevere when others quit? Are you able to see multiple options in a situation where others see only black and white? Do you love to learn, create, appreciate nature or connect with animals?

Follow a path to positivity that is special, unique and EASY for you. Replace negative thoughts by doing something that you are naturally good at, while at the same time increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

Remember that we are hard wired with a brain that wants to be happy and a spirit that is strong.

Blessings for all including yourself

An update from Rebecca Grace and the San Diego Healing Weekend:
“We don’t know how she does it, but Christel just keeps out doing herself! The latest set of events in San Diego over three days proved that her healing gifts, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, just keep expanding and deepening.

Using a new technique that was shown to Christel earlier this winter, she taught a magnificent workshop on Healing the Grief in Your Heart. This workshop gave people the opportunity to heal trauma and grief that had up to that time seemed stuck and endless in its pain. It was quick, thorough and effective, leaving people amazed at the changes they felt in their hearts.

Two more workshops followed: “Being Wounded and Growing up Anyway” and “Archetype Wheel Readings.” We worked on healing wounds around childhood pain: being abandoned, bullied, betrayed, violated and victimized and transformed them by placing an angelically given statement over the wound followed by an action plan that was energetically read by Christel. Amazing!

The wheel readings were profound and precise readings around a particular question each person selected for themselves. This was the first time Wheel Readings were done for people who had not yet taken the Archetypes Workshop. We used the big four archetypes we all share: Victim, Child, Saboteur and Prostitute and had truly spot on Reads.

Most students took all three workshops and were generous in their praise. Many Students huge shifts in how they were feeling: “Words cannot express all that is going on inside me to heal,” “we came away feeling renewed and consumed with a positive energy,” “You two are rock stars” “You had something truly helpful and positive for everyone.” “It was also magical to see others ‘get’ it as well.
You both are life savers and miracle workers! I appreciate you and all you do so much! “Since the workshops, I am truly happy for no reason.” “It’s absolutely amazing that when I think about my personal violations, and there were many, that I don’t feel the charge or upset like I did before Friday. I feel neutral.”

We are so grateful for the good energy and open minds our students bring to our events and their willingness to let go of old pain and and embrace a happier life. This is truly raising the vibration of our planet and bringing us closer to the tipping point of positivity.

We hope you are inspired to join us in person for our next healing workshops! We will be presenting more of these workshops so there are future opportunities for you to join in and experience the joy!–Dr. Rebecca Grace