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Compassion has the power to heal.

power to heal

power to heal
compassion has the power to heal

Have you ever tried to “improve” yourself while feeling shame, or being critical or judgmental of your past? It doesn’t work, but compassion will.

Compassion has the power to heal, as demonstrated in a recent class. One student shared a secret that had plagued her for years. Christel channeled healing energy for her and the class and in the midst of her self hate, shame and judgment, a moment of grace was witnessed by all; she released her past and embraced the higher vibration of love and forgiveness.

This experience demonstrated the power of self compassion to heal and transform in ways that guilt and criticism never will. Being compassionate with ourselves brings us to the energy of love and acceptance for ourselves AND others.

Christel knows from her energy Reads the illnesses that can develop when one is critical and unloving toward themselves. Learning true compassion is but one road toward healing.

Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. explained the research showing the futility of using self criticism to improve, change habits or be a better person. (even though people believe that it will).

You can learn to be compassionate with yourself, surrounded by like-minded seekers of the light, health and high vibration in our classes. If the topics of positivity, resilience, happiness, compassion and the science of how your brain is wired for high vibration is of interest to you, be a part of our Live Broadcasts.
Learn more, or work with Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. on the application of these principles in your life.