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Christel Nani Seminar-Live Class Online

a moment of grace

Know that it is wise to be open to love when it finds you.” –Christel

When you have been shocked or injured, betrayed or collapsed in the center of grief and loss, a part of you gets left behind in that time period. It’s partly a natural defense mechanism and at times, a choice to avoid these painful memories that could interfere with daily life or pursuing your guidance.

Whatever the reason, you must retrieve that part of you in order to heal. I had taught in a healing class how to call back the piece of you that had been traumatized or wounded, and thus left out in the ethers.

 I recalled my compound fracture injury to my finger while deep in the bush in Africa. All my healing efforts in the months thereafter, just didn’t seem to help. My finger remained painful and unhealed between June and September. One afternoon while energizing my meridians, I realized I couldn’t feel any energy in my finger because I had left it in Africa and needed to call it back.

But sometimes when an angelic intervention, a healing unasked for, a moment of spiritual synchronicity, or a God inspired experience occurs, that requires no instruction or technique. In fact, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis, we often have no awareness of the magic in the moment.

Until afterwards.

I had such an experience during an early morning pre-class walk to enjoy the colorful displays of Fall. I was walking and without knowing how it began, heard myself speaking about a painful time in my past that had unexpectedly changed the course of my life. Pulled away from what I wanted and steered toward a different life, I tried to accept my new direction, grieve with grace and heal a loss that had altered all that I held dear and sacred.

But a morning walk, the right person, the right time, and an unexpected and brief conversation became a moment of grace that called back a part of me in need of healing. Neither of us saw it coming and certainly we could not have planned it. That moment healed a part of me that longingly has often wondered, “what if…”

A moment of grace changes you, healing your cellular memory whereby you stop wistfully musing how different your life would be had it not been interrupted or altered by significant life events.

These wonderful moments are available to each of us and occur spontaneously and without fanfare when two or more are gathered and basking in the glorious light that resonates with our souls. Thus do we allow ourselves and others to see the gift of our own personal divinity.

This I taught in Healing 101 and as I watched you channel the healing light for each other, you came to know the healer within you. Know that what you learned is real because you had the experience for yourself and others and can repeat it at any time you choose.

When relaxed, without ego, and opened to healing, many things are possible as the light of God channels through us for ourselves and one another. Your faces softened with awe as you discovered these healing energies in yourself and others. And I trembled with joy when at times, I saw the glow of celestial light around you and knew your experiences would forever change you to seek out the light.

I feel blessed to share these experiences with you, and have come to peace in knowing that the turn my life took years ago led me to where I am supposed to be. Thank you for this healing insight, and know that it is wise to be open to love when it finds you. –Christel