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Christel Nani Adventure Retreat: Healing Hidden Stress

Healing Hidden Stress: June 22-26: Adventure Retreat

Christel Nani Adventure Retreat: Healing Hidden Stress
Christel Nani Adventure Retreat: Healing Hidden Stress
This Adventure Retreat will be an opportunity to reflect on your values, to set a life direction based on what is truly important to you, and to develop an intuition and wisdom based guidance system.

Learn the latest tools from Positive Psychology to build inner strength and increase your ability to bounce back from life’s setbacks.

Practice techniques from Energy Medicine that build your immune system and end energy drains.

The adventure part is kept easy and fun, and we always find a way to accommodate all ability levels. Of course Christel always has a bit “extra” outside of the normal class schedule for those of you willing to challenge yourself just a bit more…

Take some “me time” for life-changing personal insights, laughter, exercise and of course, Christel’s hidden surprises. Challenge yourself to stretch a little, whether it’s climbing to the top of Bald Mountain, rafting, parasailing, horseback riding, or a quiet and easy hike to meditate on the motivation of your recent choices.

Mornings begin with Christel’s coffee ritual to set positive intentions for yourself and others as you inhale the beauty of your surroundings. Hands on healing is taught both in the classroom and outdoors, as you share your journey with like-minded seekers.

Location: The Christel Nani Healing Center for some of our classes and on the walking trails around Sun Valley for the others. Our schedule is filled with activities, classes, group meditations and visualizations, laughter, and of course good food.

Tuition is normally $995 but we are so excited to have this retreat at the Center that we are reducing the tuition to $595, a savings of $400! This includes your tuition, welcome dinner Wednesday night and a farewell lunch on Sunday.

Any questions, please call Rebecca Grace, Psy.D. at 760-310-9085.

PS. Don’t forget about our safari adventure in Kenya. We will be taking donations of gently used sneakers and classroom supplies directly to the children. Give us a call to learn more.

SEP 8, 2016 – SEP 16, 2016: KENYA, AFRICA – Kenya Safari – Adventures in Africa – Kenya Safari