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March Birthday wishes made me smile

March Birthday Funnies

 A hearty thank you for all the birthday wishes sent my way and know that I am paying those good wishes forward to all who are also born in March! Of course, I especially enjoyed the surprises and humorous nurse cards. I love to see all your playful child energy; it keeps me laughing.

Lots of new classes coming up and of course our favorite adventure retreat. May I suggest that you get plenty of sleep before you come, because as you know, we always seems to find some surprises to share with you that are above and beyond the curriculum!

Know that on the first day of Spring, I stood an egg on it’s pointy end to capture the magic of the season for each of you. It’s time to come out of your deep sleep and blossom with beauty, the beauty that comes from living your true energetic blueprint.

Now it’s time for you to receive and accept those energies.

See you soon,


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rewire your brain for happiness

Rewire your brain for happiness

We had such a fantastic Positivity Plexus class and wanted to share some of the insights to help you build your resiliency and positivity.

Rewiring your brain to be stronger, happier and naturally more buoyant is actually possible with consistent effort. As we taught in class, a negative brain can be both addictive and successfully treated.

Healing begins with awareness so we had each student identify their particular negative thought addiction and found that in general they fell in to one of three categories: Punishment, Bullying or Judgement or “P, B and J.” These negative thoughts can drain your energy system, often first noticed in a tightness or uncomfortable feeling in the third chakra or solar plexus area.

I surprised our students by reading a particular strength in their energetic blueprint that they could use to overcome negative thoughts. In each case, the strength is innate and easily accessed.

Some examples from our class include: “I notice and appreciate beauty,” “I pray easily,” “I feel light and can put it into dark places,” “I do ritual and ceremony,” “I can see both sides of an argument,” “I nurture others and create safety,” and “I can take risks that others can’t.”

You too, have been blessed with gifts that can easily lift you out of negative thinking and make you feel instantly better. What comes easily and naturally to you? Do you have a knack for fixing things, or persevere when others quit? Are you able to see multiple options in a situation where others see only black and white? Do you love to learn, create, appreciate nature or connect with animals?

Follow a path to positivity that is special, unique and EASY for you. Replace negative thoughts by doing something that you are naturally good at, while at the same time increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

Remember that we are hard wired with a brain that wants to be happy and a spirit that is strong.