Monthly Archives: February 2016

Blessings for all including yourself

An update from Rebecca Grace and the San Diego Healing Weekend:
“We don’t know how she does it, but Christel just keeps out doing herself! The latest set of events in San Diego over three days proved that her healing gifts, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, just keep expanding and deepening.

Using a new technique that was shown to Christel earlier this winter, she taught a magnificent workshop on Healing the Grief in Your Heart. This workshop gave people the opportunity to heal trauma and grief that had up to that time seemed stuck and endless in its pain. It was quick, thorough and effective, leaving people amazed at the changes they felt in their hearts.

Two more workshops followed: “Being Wounded and Growing up Anyway” and “Archetype Wheel Readings.” We worked on healing wounds around childhood pain: being abandoned, bullied, betrayed, violated and victimized and transformed them by placing an angelically given statement over the wound followed by an action plan that was energetically read by Christel. Amazing!

The wheel readings were profound and precise readings around a particular question each person selected for themselves. This was the first time Wheel Readings were done for people who had not yet taken the Archetypes Workshop. We used the big four archetypes we all share: Victim, Child, Saboteur and Prostitute and had truly spot on Reads.

Most students took all three workshops and were generous in their praise. Many Students huge shifts in how they were feeling: “Words cannot express all that is going on inside me to heal,” “we came away feeling renewed and consumed with a positive energy,” “You two are rock stars” “You had something truly helpful and positive for everyone.” “It was also magical to see others ‘get’ it as well.
You both are life savers and miracle workers! I appreciate you and all you do so much! “Since the workshops, I am truly happy for no reason.” “It’s absolutely amazing that when I think about my personal violations, and there were many, that I don’t feel the charge or upset like I did before Friday. I feel neutral.”

We are so grateful for the good energy and open minds our students bring to our events and their willingness to let go of old pain and and embrace a happier life. This is truly raising the vibration of our planet and bringing us closer to the tipping point of positivity.

We hope you are inspired to join us in person for our next healing workshops! We will be presenting more of these workshops so there are future opportunities for you to join in and experience the joy!–Dr. Rebecca Grace