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For Paris

For Paris

What can you do? Envision a protective light around France. Ask for help from angels, in particular, Michael Archangel who dispels the darkness that attacked  and horrified Paris.

If you are an archetypal lightworker, please use your gift to help our brothers and sisters.

Try not to fixate on the news and pictures over and again, especially if you are quite empathic and definitely if you are an archetypal empath. Know your limits and clean you field with a shower, and surround yourself with an egg of gold light to create a boundary between yourself the mass feelings of pain and suffering. You can’t help if  you are overwhelmed.

Pray in whatever way is comfortable to you. Simply ask God or your Higher Power for healing for all.

We need to unite in love and let go of the pettiness that separates us from one another. You are called this day to be of service and tend the wounded this tragic day.

For the next eleven hours, at the top of each hour, take a moment for a quick prayer. Your prayers and special intentions make a difference.

Let us heal our world.

God bless you,


Live Classes Change Children

Live Classes Change Children

This week was an eye-opener for our participants in the “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History” web class. We looked at some of the origins of a “well behaved woman” found in the 18th century when taking care of everyone but herself was necessary for survival. How this behavior became ingrained and expected and created a cellular memory that now, often operates on an unconscious level.

We created a forum of discovery which opened the door to a desire for radical self-compassion and acceptance, and each participant came away with a personal insight from a profound meditation that allowed Christel to channel healing energy to all.

But the best, came after the class when a student had shared the learnings with her daughter who is prepping for her med school interviews. She said, “already the teachings from this morning are expanding out by making an impact on my daughter and her future. She understands more now about why and how she should be bolder with her answers in the interview. We’re going to practice more today.” Boldness has not often been associated with being well-behaved, but in a society of intense competition, most necessary.

Changing cellular memory from the 18th century changes women and impacts those around you such as children and co-workers. As you know, we are all connected on a deep level and as we become more conscious women, we gain more choices to bring us closer to actualizing our own energetic blueprints.