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Being wounded but growing up anyway: Excerpt Live Broadcast

An excerpt of a live broadcast on “being wounded but growing up anyway. Full seminar is taught in Sun Valley, ID, January 16-17, 2016.

The Positivity Plexus is a series of internet classes designed to uplift, inspire and teach you how to think in resilient ways. Every class has a different topic but each is centered on staying emotionally strong, mentally fit and spiritually connected.

Based on the principles and techniques of neuroplasticity that show the brain is an alive, growing organism depending on the thought food given to it, these classes teach techniques for changing your brain so you can be happier, smarter, more compassionate and way more creative. We are here to undo depression, trauma, anxiety and self-defeating patterns and move you into high vibration living.

Classes are a fun combination of teaching, energetic Readings, relevant research (that is finally catching up to Christel’s knowledge), the conduction of healing energy, laughter, and support from other students.