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Christel is not the "goat whisperer." But she's pretty quick.

africa 2 – I am not the goat whisperer

Christel is not the "goat whisperer." But she's pretty quick.
Christel is not the “goat whisperer.” But she’s pretty quick.

We had some left over money after buying the seeds for our families and thought buying each family a goat would support their autonomy. And BTW, buying a goat in Africa is quite the endeavor. No one wants to part with their goats. But happiness prevailed!

When in Africa, we are very “hands on.” I don’t feel comfortable simply giving money — We negotiated the purchase of the seed and also the goats. Giving money sometimes results in lost money, and actually, we enjoy the adventures. I mean truly, when was the last time you had a goat raffle?

First, we put secret numbers on each goat and the families randomly picked a number and then the chaos, oops, I mean fun began, matching a family to a goat. Big goats, littles goats, jumping goats, but mostly running in all directions goats.

It was almost as hard as herding cats, oh wait, that’s what I do when I take my groups on the Adventure Retreats. If you’ve ever tried to get a group together for brunch at a restaurant, try getting a group together in a safari truck with all their gear, or tucking them in at night while lions are on the hunt and growling around the camp. Like I said, herding cats is easier, but I love what i do and I love them! –Christel