Christel Nani RN, Medical Intuitive helps you embrace your authentic blueprint to heal your body or soul.

“Christel is a gifted teacher,
    guide, and truth teller.
Her work is a megaphone for
    a person’s body, heart and soul.”
—Meg G. Crofton, Speaker, Mentor, and Board Member
Retired Executive Walt Disney Company

“I have helped both men and women through their worst traumas and daily struggles to discover a better version of themselves.  Working together, all kinds of miracles begin to happen.”
–Christel Nani

Whether you’re looking to heal your body or your soul, Medical Intuitive Christel Nani has the pinpoint accuracy needed to help you reach optimal health, happiness and holistic well-being.

Basing her work on the teachings of Socrates and the science of quantum physics, Christel has attained an international reputation with her discoveries about the energetic causes of physical and spiritual illness.

In today’s fast paced world, our internal voices get drowned out by stress, unhappiness, and emotional baggage.  We lose ourselves and often make choices that are not in alignment with our inner wisdom. 

Through her medical background and intuitive gifts, Christel shows people the roadmap back to themselves.

Deepak Chopra describes her as “… an inspiring and compelling voice with unique insight and approaches for achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.”

Christel travels the world as a keynote speaker, author and spiritual leader. Her workshops, lectures and adventure retreats are designed to help people understand and change the cause of their illness and unhappiness.

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